Monday, June 30, 2014


I am out of the MTC and now have to make meals for myself...sigh. It was like 24/7 continental breakfast (minus the waffles which was very disappointing). My FIRST AREA is Parley's stake in SLC! I am living in a duplex with another set of sisters who cover the other half of the stake...that is correct..I am covering THREE WARDS. Never again will I complain about 3 hours of church. My trainers name is Sister Unrast. She is adorable and blonde and from Gilbert, AZ. We REALLY get along (so thank everyone who prayed for me to have an easy going companion). We cover the 2nd, 4th and 7th wards. The 7th ward is a MID-singles ward that has like 700 people on their's huge. We went to all the wards yesterday and the 7th ward had me feeling very awkward...there were a few too many sensual hugs and a little too much flirting...everywhere. The people here are not too hip on missionary work. The stake is really pushing it though and we are supposed to have an August stake-wide fast for missionary work so we are having faith that that will help! On a completely separate note...along with the 2 sets of sisters in the Parleys stake we also have a senior missionary couple. They are the Wilcox's and they are a hoot and a half! They remind me of grandma and papa Dodd! Sister Wilcox is very organized and sweet and a tiny bit sassy! Elder Wilcox is HILARIOUS and and hard worker and is always willing to give any amount of time to help people. Elder Wilcox the other day splattered Sis. Unrast with lasagna sauce! He later told us that we "should start calling ahead to where you're going to have dinner and ask what they're serving. For example if they're serving roast beef you should where brown." HAHHAA. He constantly cracks me up which is wonderful. I am loving the people I am serving with and I am loving the members. On our first day out getting to know people a family in the 2nd ward took Sister. Unrast and I out for snocones! (Kam, like the kind we used to get from Snoasis). 
I get homesick a lot still and I am still having trouble sleeping but I know that as I continue to come unto Christ I will be comforted. I love my Savior and if the MTC taught me one thing it is that the only way I can do this mission is if I turn my life over to Him and become an instrument in His hands. This gospel means everything to me. It means that I can be with my family forever and right now..that is the greatest comfort. I love you all. Stay strong and faithful. Love the Lord and read your scriptures! 
Also...this is my address if you want to write me! 
Sister Lauren Dodd
1711 Redondo Ave.
SLC UT. 84108

Kam and Grandma for the sewing kit, candy, nail kit and sd reader.
Karen and Bret for the letters and writing stuff!
And Ashley and Amy Hageman for the Cocoa Bean cupcakes!
My new her!!!

I love cocoa bean! Thank you Ashley and Amy!!!

Favorite teacher at the MTC!

Temple Square sisters who were in my zone at the MTC!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

No email from Sister Dodd this week! :(

Unfortunately, we didn't get an email from Sister Dodd this week. She is out of the Missionary Training Center and in her first area. We received this picture from the Mission Mom this week. Sister Dodd's P-day's will be on Mondays so we are anxiously awaiting an email tomorrow!!! :) 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The FIRST week in the MTC!

The MTC (Missionary Training Center) is a place like no other. I loved it at first, missed my family and hated it, prayed for help, and am now loving it again. I have been feeling more and more inadequate. I will only be in the MTC until next Tuesday and at 7 am we have to catch a train that will take us to the mission. Crazy. M. Russell Ballard spoke to us at devotional yesterday!! SOOOOO COOL! And Sheri Dew spoke to us on Sunday. It is a lot of hard work and all of our days are scheduled to the rim! I am having a lot of sleeping problems while I am here. I am tired throughout the day and can't sleep at life!! hahahaa. I miss you all. I went to the temple this morning and it was super spiritual and great! Also, we are scheduled to be done with our missions on December 22nd 2015. THREE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! So I don't mean to brag but I will be serving for more than 18 months. Hahahhaa. My companions name is Sister Richardson. I am learning patience and love for everyone. (Hard to believe, I know!) The other sisters in our room are Sister Gilmore and Sister McArter. We all get along very nicely...surprised again? hahhaa. Gotta run, I love you all SOOOOO MUCH! 

-Sister Lauren Dodd :)

YAY for Sister Missionaries!

We love the MTC! 

1st Companion

Provo Temple 

She loves her selfies!