Monday, April 27, 2015

This week I learned how important it is to have Facebook just so it
can remind you of important days such as birthdays! Hahahaa. I have
the worst memory. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone's birthdays.
Shout out to my best friend Sarah who is turning 21 this week and
getting married. I have been so blessed throughout my life with
wonderful family and friends. Sarah has become my family. She was
adopted in by my grandma Dodd and has been a member of the Dodd family
ever since. I know that she will be the most beautiful bride and she
will make a wonderful wife. Take care of her Cody or you will have to
deal with me when I get home!!!
This week was so wonderful! MIC**LLE GOT BAPTIZED! Her boyfriend,
Ha**en baptized her. Her parents didn't come but there were so many
people there to support her on her special day.
We had the best lesson with M**ls yesterday! We taught her the Plan of
Salvation and she told us that she knew that the Book of Mormon is
true and that she knows that more and more every time that she reads
it. She also said that as we were speaking and every time we teach the
spirit testifies to her that what we are saying is true. She told us
that she feels peaceful and calm and good. She is so amazing!
I see miracles every day. I see people who are humble that are willing
to give everything to God. Mic**lle and M**ls are two of the greatest
examples of this. I know that both of them have been being prepared
throughout their life and that both of them were at points in their
lives that they were ready to hear about the restored gospel. I love
being a missionary. It has been the greatest blessing to me.

Mi**elle's Baptism!

My cute mission! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

One proud Sister!!

This is Kamee (Lauren's sister). I wanted to share a couple special experiences that my parents and I were able to have this weekend. When missionaries are called to serve an LDS mission, one of the sacrifices is to go without seeing their family. My parents and I had the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake City for the weekend...meaning we were in the same city that Lauren is in right now! It was extremely hard to be obedient to the mission rules and not see Sister Dodd. She gave us a few people's contact information of special people in which she wanted us to meet. We decided to stop by one of the member's homes who graciously opens their home for sister missionaries to live. They showed us where Lauren lived for a while, and shared with us some amazing stories. After that, we went to a member's home in her current area. She also had many stories to share of the gentleness and kindness that Lauren has shown to her family. She talked about the sweet spirit that Lauren carries with her, and her happy and contagious personality. She was amazed with Sister Dodd's ability to love everyone. The entire time I couldn't help but to think about how proud I am of my sister. She has made many sacrifices to be on a mission, and the Lord is truly blessing her. He's helping her to touch the lives of so many people. We often miss her and hope that she is doing well. Hearing from these people confirmed to us the hard work that she is putting forth. I miss her, but I know that she is exactly where she is supposed to be right now.

Important lessons!

My week was long and good. I am getting sick again. I think my body
isn't used to being this exhausted. I thought I would be fine
considering my lack of sleep before my mission but this work is a
completely different ballgame. Sister Britton and I decided that we've
been gaining too much weight so we are giving up candy and lowering
our sugar intake. We figured going cold turkey on all sugar would be
insane! Hahahaa
Mic**lle is on fire! She is so pumped for her baptism this Saturday!
We just finished teaching her everything she has to know before she
gets baptized. I wish everyone could know Mic**lle and know how
amazing she is. She is so prepared and so self-motivated.
I love teaching. I love being able to recognize my talents while
serving others. I have discovered my love of taking care of other
people. I have recognized my desire to serve. I have noticed my kind
and gentle heart and the compassion that I have for those around me.
There were so many times in my life when I thought that my anger and
my attitude were a strength to have. I have been so humbled while
being on my mission. I now recognize the importance of "becoming as a
little child: submissive, meek, humble". It makes me sad that I spent
so much of my life being angry and upset. I still get upset but I know
that staying upset hurts me more than anyone and it just makes
everyone around me miserable. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to
be kind to His children just as He wants others to be kind to me. I am
grateful for this life that I can become more like my Savior.
I hope everyone has a great week!

NBD...Utah just had a huge snowstorm in the middle of April!

We got to see Ale*is again!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Staying!

TRANSFER INFORMATION....DUN DUN DUN. Sister Britton, Sister Masih and
I are all staying! This is Sister Britton's last transfer. She will be
my longest companion. 3 transfers. I will have been in this area for
7.5 months by the end of this transfer. Pretty crazy! I am so excited.
It was really sweet we had a lesson with Mi***lle and her
fellowshipper Re**nn yesterday and they both said that they were
praying that I wouldn't be transferred. It was the best feeling to
call them today and tell them that I'm staying!!
Mic**lle is still solid for the 25th of April. We are beginning to get
everything in line for her baptism.
Ni**le is amazing. She loved conference and she is slowly coming to us
with her questions and concerns.
M**ls is on fire. She has been asking us all of these questions about
the Book of Mormon and she MADE US FOOD! She made us some kind of
blueberry bread, this giant bread with potatoes and broccoli in it,
and this custard cake with fresh fruit on it....NO WONDER I AM GAINING
We had an awesome lesson with B**an this past week! We talked about
revelation and conference. He asked for this week's lesson to be about
forgiveness. I am a little worried but I know that it will all work
Here is the miracle for the week. We were super hungry on Saturday
because we had done yard work that morning and we ate an early lunch
and we weren't having dinner until 6:30. (I sound like a whining baby
right now) So we were all driving down the road being crabby and
suddenly we saw this boy on the side of the road selling
cupcakes!!!!!! Heavenly Father is so good.
Also another miracle....I FINISHED PERSONAL PROGRESS!!!!
I am as happy as a clam (....I don't understand that phrase). I am so
grateful to be staying in my area and with my companions. I still have
so much to learn from both of them. Have a great week! I love you!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Thanks Mom and Karen for my cute Easter packages! I am so blessed!
And thank you Grandma and Papa Dodd for the Easter card and money!
Conference was so good Saturday and Sunday! I can't wait to read
all the talks over and over again! We got to go down to the conference
center on Saturday with our investigator Mi****le!
We had so many miracles this week. I am out of time so I will have to
write you about them next week. I love you all. 

Thanks Mom for my cute Easter Basket! 

Thanks Karen and Bret!! Love, love, love the pictures!

Conference Selfie!


Exchanges with Sister Coleman!

The trio!