Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Staying!

TRANSFER INFORMATION....DUN DUN DUN. Sister Britton, Sister Masih and
I are all staying! This is Sister Britton's last transfer. She will be
my longest companion. 3 transfers. I will have been in this area for
7.5 months by the end of this transfer. Pretty crazy! I am so excited.
It was really sweet we had a lesson with Mi***lle and her
fellowshipper Re**nn yesterday and they both said that they were
praying that I wouldn't be transferred. It was the best feeling to
call them today and tell them that I'm staying!!
Mic**lle is still solid for the 25th of April. We are beginning to get
everything in line for her baptism.
Ni**le is amazing. She loved conference and she is slowly coming to us
with her questions and concerns.
M**ls is on fire. She has been asking us all of these questions about
the Book of Mormon and she MADE US FOOD! She made us some kind of
blueberry bread, this giant bread with potatoes and broccoli in it,
and this custard cake with fresh fruit on it....NO WONDER I AM GAINING
We had an awesome lesson with B**an this past week! We talked about
revelation and conference. He asked for this week's lesson to be about
forgiveness. I am a little worried but I know that it will all work
Here is the miracle for the week. We were super hungry on Saturday
because we had done yard work that morning and we ate an early lunch
and we weren't having dinner until 6:30. (I sound like a whining baby
right now) So we were all driving down the road being crabby and
suddenly we saw this boy on the side of the road selling
cupcakes!!!!!! Heavenly Father is so good.
Also another miracle....I FINISHED PERSONAL PROGRESS!!!!
I am as happy as a clam (....I don't understand that phrase). I am so
grateful to be staying in my area and with my companions. I still have
so much to learn from both of them. Have a great week! I love you!

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