Monday, April 27, 2015

This week I learned how important it is to have Facebook just so it
can remind you of important days such as birthdays! Hahahaa. I have
the worst memory. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone's birthdays.
Shout out to my best friend Sarah who is turning 21 this week and
getting married. I have been so blessed throughout my life with
wonderful family and friends. Sarah has become my family. She was
adopted in by my grandma Dodd and has been a member of the Dodd family
ever since. I know that she will be the most beautiful bride and she
will make a wonderful wife. Take care of her Cody or you will have to
deal with me when I get home!!!
This week was so wonderful! MIC**LLE GOT BAPTIZED! Her boyfriend,
Ha**en baptized her. Her parents didn't come but there were so many
people there to support her on her special day.
We had the best lesson with M**ls yesterday! We taught her the Plan of
Salvation and she told us that she knew that the Book of Mormon is
true and that she knows that more and more every time that she reads
it. She also said that as we were speaking and every time we teach the
spirit testifies to her that what we are saying is true. She told us
that she feels peaceful and calm and good. She is so amazing!
I see miracles every day. I see people who are humble that are willing
to give everything to God. Mic**lle and M**ls are two of the greatest
examples of this. I know that both of them have been being prepared
throughout their life and that both of them were at points in their
lives that they were ready to hear about the restored gospel. I love
being a missionary. It has been the greatest blessing to me.

Mi**elle's Baptism!

My cute mission! 

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