Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Well Happy Mother's Day this week. Mothers are such amazing people. I
know that the Lord is so aware of each of us because he blesses us
with Moms. I love my Mom so much. She has put up with me for my entire
life and she continues to love me and take care of me. Just a shout out
to all the amazing Mothers in the world. How noble of a calling is
This week's miracle is Mi**s. She texted us on Tuesday and said "I am
sitting here reading 2 Nephi and crying. I know that I am supposed to
be baptized". So we went to her work and asked her if she would
prepare to be baptized on May 23rd and she said yes! She has been
being so prepared from the Lord. She is amazing.
I love you all, I'm doing so well.

Also I got to mow a lawn using a riding lawn mower!

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