Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm getting transferred!!!

I am leaving the Cottonwood stake after 7 months. That means that
Sister Britton and I are both leaving. I know that I have been out for
awhile but being transferred still terrifies me. I know that this is
especially the time that I need to depend on the Lord. I can only hope
that my sweet Cottonwood stake will be okay.
Sister Britton and I got our YOUNG WOMEN'S MEDALLION! We both finally
finished our Personal Progress and got interviewed by our mission
president. It was such a neat experience to be able to work through
the Personal Progress book with so many of the less-active girls in
our stake.
MI**S GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I am so incredibly grateful for her.
She is such a good example to me. To think that our first encounter
was when we walked into her work (a nursing home in our area) and went
up to her and asked her if she was Mi**s. We ended up exchanging "the
word". Then she started coming out and teaching less-active members
with us. Then we finally asked her if she would like to learn more
about our church and she said yes. The first lesson was so scary
because she didn't say anything the whole time but at the end the
spirit told her and she should read the Book of Mormon and so she took
the challenge. Ever since then she has been praying, reading and even
fasting for answers. She is seeking for knowledge and  she has come to
a testimony that this church is true. She loves the Book of Mormon and
she knows that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I am so
grateful that as others come to have a testimony of these things it
increases my own testimony.
I have had a whirlwind of a week. Sister Britton has been such an
amazing companion to me and I am so grateful that I could have served
with her to the end. We were busy for most of the week with M**l's
baptism and with  Sister Britton saying goodbyes. We also got to go to
the Jordan River temple TWICE this past week. The first time was for
MIC**LLE (our recent convert) to do  baptisms for the first time! The
second time was for Sister Britton's departing temple trip. The temple
trips made me remember how amazing the Lord's house is. When I was
inside I felt such a sense of peace and calm. If I were just allowed
to be able to enter the temple I would know that this church is true.
I am grateful for the spirit and that it calms me during times of
craziness. Always turn to the Lord and He truly will direct your
paths. I love you all!

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