Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm getting transferred!!!

I am leaving the Cottonwood stake after 7 months. That means that
Sister Britton and I are both leaving. I know that I have been out for
awhile but being transferred still terrifies me. I know that this is
especially the time that I need to depend on the Lord. I can only hope
that my sweet Cottonwood stake will be okay.
Sister Britton and I got our YOUNG WOMEN'S MEDALLION! We both finally
finished our Personal Progress and got interviewed by our mission
president. It was such a neat experience to be able to work through
the Personal Progress book with so many of the less-active girls in
our stake.
MI**S GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I am so incredibly grateful for her.
She is such a good example to me. To think that our first encounter
was when we walked into her work (a nursing home in our area) and went
up to her and asked her if she was Mi**s. We ended up exchanging "the
word". Then she started coming out and teaching less-active members
with us. Then we finally asked her if she would like to learn more
about our church and she said yes. The first lesson was so scary
because she didn't say anything the whole time but at the end the
spirit told her and she should read the Book of Mormon and so she took
the challenge. Ever since then she has been praying, reading and even
fasting for answers. She is seeking for knowledge and  she has come to
a testimony that this church is true. She loves the Book of Mormon and
she knows that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I am so
grateful that as others come to have a testimony of these things it
increases my own testimony.
I have had a whirlwind of a week. Sister Britton has been such an
amazing companion to me and I am so grateful that I could have served
with her to the end. We were busy for most of the week with M**l's
baptism and with  Sister Britton saying goodbyes. We also got to go to
the Jordan River temple TWICE this past week. The first time was for
MIC**LLE (our recent convert) to do  baptisms for the first time! The
second time was for Sister Britton's departing temple trip. The temple
trips made me remember how amazing the Lord's house is. When I was
inside I felt such a sense of peace and calm. If I were just allowed
to be able to enter the temple I would know that this church is true.
I am grateful for the spirit and that it calms me during times of
craziness. Always turn to the Lord and He truly will direct your
paths. I love you all!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My heart and prayers go out this week to the McGrail family. Losing a
loved one, whether it be a son, brother, or friend, is so difficult. There are no magic
words that stop the tears, there is no medicine to forget, there is no
balm to ease the heartache. Every time I am faced with losing a loved
one, I am comforted by the knowledge that I will see them again. I
know this because of the Plan that Heavenly Father has revealed to us,
the Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Happiness. I know that you will see
Sean again. I know that we each have an opportunity to live with our
families for eternity.
Well Sister Britton has 1 week left of being a missionary. She is
freaking out every day. Missions are such amazing experiences and at
the end, no one wants to leave but everyone wants to see their
families! Oh the irony. I am grateful for the things that Sister
Britton is teaching me. When I had been a missionary for 4 months I
remember thinking that I was so good at missionary work....hahahaaa. I
know that I have needed each of my companions and investigators to
teach me something new.
M**ls is going to be baptized on Saturday! I am overjoyed. She is so
prepared. She had a really hard time this past lesson. The members
brought up the Holy Ghost and how it comes to us after baptism. She
said that she has had the Holy Ghost because she had been baptized in
the Methodist church. We tried to explain the gift of the Holy Ghost
and the power of the Holy Ghost but then she was more confused because
she thought we were saying that there are 2 Holy Ghosts! She left the
lesson really confused. That night we got a text from her saying that
she didn't want to meet any more that week. We called her 2 main
friends in the church and told them the situation. Then we prayed. We
prayed and we prayed and we prayed. We gave her a day to cool down and
we went by the next day to give her a talk to read and she told us
that she had FASTED the day before and prayed to whole time that if
she couldn't understand it,that
Heavenly Father would at least allow her to accept it and that she
would be able to feel and know that it is right. She said that fasting
really helped her and that she is ready to be baptized on the 23rd.
She is amazing.
I love this work. I love every day that is hard and every day that is
rewarding. I love seeing people prepared to change their lives.
I love you all!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Well the most exciting news from this week was that I GOT TO TALK TO
MY FAMILY YESTERDAY! It was a much needed phone call and I feel
energized and ready to see what lies in store in the next 7 months of
my mission. I hope all the lovely mom's and mom-figures got to feel
the love being sent their way!
Shout out to my Mom and Dad who are celebrating there 25th wedding
anniversary May 12th! 25 years of making marriage work. I love you
both so much!
M**ls is preparing to be baptized on May 23rd. She has decided to quit
drinking coffee. On Saturday she gave us her "Beans and Brews" (a
coffee shop) card and Sister Britton cracked it in half. M**ls loves
the Book of Mormon!
Ni**le is planning on being baptized on the 5th of June. She is also
super excited and she is learning so much about the Book of Mormon. We
taught her about the Law of Chastity and the 10 Commandments this past
week and she agreed to live all the commandments.
Our mission is studying the Book of Mormon this month. I have come to
a knowledge and an unshaken testimony of the Book of Mormon as I have
been out on my mission. I still am not able to quote passages or
remember where everything is but I am learning of the stories and
becoming more converted to the gospel as I read this inspired book. I
love encouraging all those I meet to take Moroni's challenge and to
read and pray about the Book of Mormon.
Everyone seems to be concerned when I write a little or when I don't
take pictures or when I say that things are hard. I just thought I
should take a minute to tell you how much I love being a missionary
and how much I am changing. Before my mission I did not fully
understand the hard work that goes in to being a missionary. I have
been put into situations on my mission that I would have never put
myself into. But the Lord knows each of us so perfectly. He knew and
knows exactly what I need to be able to grow and rid myself of a few
of my bad habits and bad personality traits. I am growing and
learning. Sometimes I just don't know how to put into words how I am
changing or what has happened to me during the past 11 months but it
is something amazing. I could never have changed how I have on my
mission by my self. I am grateful for the Lord and for this
experience. I love being a missionary!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Well Happy Mother's Day this week. Mothers are such amazing people. I
know that the Lord is so aware of each of us because he blesses us
with Moms. I love my Mom so much. She has put up with me for my entire
life and she continues to love me and take care of me. Just a shout out
to all the amazing Mothers in the world. How noble of a calling is
This week's miracle is Mi**s. She texted us on Tuesday and said "I am
sitting here reading 2 Nephi and crying. I know that I am supposed to
be baptized". So we went to her work and asked her if she would
prepare to be baptized on May 23rd and she said yes! She has been
being so prepared from the Lord. She is amazing.
I love you all, I'm doing so well.

Also I got to mow a lawn using a riding lawn mower!