Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm being transferred AGAIN...

I AM BEING TRANSFERRED...again. I feel like I just got here and now I
am leaving. I just have to have faith that Heavenly Father knows what
he's doing....because OBVIOUSLY he does!! Hahaa. I find out tomorrow
where I'm going.
K*******, R******, J****, K***** and A*** did not come to church
yesterday. We haven't had a lesson with them since last Sunday. But we
did drop by last night to harass them again. They were FINALLY home
and they said that everything was super hectic and that's why they
haven't been home. But we set up to meet with them Tuesday (so
Sister Brown will have to let me know how that goes!)
Beautiful T******!! We had a temple square lesson with her Tuesday
and we watched a video called "God's Plan for Families". The spirit
was so strong! Especially afterwards when we talked about what's going
on with her family and what she wants for her future family! Then her
boyfriend's brother gave her a blessing. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE THE
PRIESTHOOD AND I LOVE BLESSINGS! And she did not go to church
yesterday but she did go to a baptism with us yesterday night!!!! I
love her!
The mission life continues to surprise me. There are the highest highs
and the lowest lows but I love this gospel and knowing my own
incompetency and relying on the Lord helps every day to be wonderful!
I love being a missionary. I pray for all my family and friends daily.

So...I should probably tell you now that it is the end of the transfer
about the prank war that has been going on between us and our zone
leaders... :)
At the beginning of the transfer Sister Brown and I were talking to
our zls (Elder Ramirez and Elder Sirmans) and Sister Brown said
something like "watch it, we know where you live" then they of course
were like "bring it on".
1 prank (ZLs) : They placed a parking notice on our car
2 prank (us) : We put a void parking ticket on their car

3 prank (us) : They are on a diet called "6 months to sexy" (which is
the last 6 months of your mission you're supposed to try to get in
shape before going home) so they asked us for apples so we got like 3
bags of apples and put them all over their car.

4 prank (us) :  We did the apple thing again!5 prank (ZLs) : They toilet papered our car and before we could see
it, one of our neighbors had cleaned it up for us! MUHAHAHA!

6 prank (us) : we got a few giant garbage bags full of leaves and put
them in front of their door and put apples all around it. Then we
texted them and said "Happy Autumn!"

7 prank (us) : We sticky noted their entire car.

8 prank (ZLs) : THE BEST PRANK!!! They filled our ENTIRE CAR FULL OF
LEAVES. We have no clue HOW they got into our car or how they got that
many leaves but it happened and they texted us and said "Happy
Autumn!" -__- Then they came by the next morning to help us clean it took all 4 of us AN HOUR AND A HALF to clean it all up. Stupid

"We spoiled ourselves this week by eating at Red Robin which always
reminds me of Kamee. The food was great but the company should have
been my sister."

"Members took us out for lunch and of course I had to feed my sweet tooth!"

As my siblings would say "You only take pictures when you get ready!"
...obviously nothing has changed! Hahahaa

Sister Stout and Sister Can share the same love of food as Sister Brown and me!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Just a quick little update this week!

Happy Birthday to my dad this week!! I love you daddy, I hope you have
a great day!! :)
between K******* and R****** they have 7 kids and all of them are with
them every other weekend and this weekend happened to be the weekend
that everyone was there. They are the best, none of them had church
clothes so they spent half of Saturday running around and buying
everyone church clothes. AHHHHH! Sister Brown and I went over like 45
minutes prior to church to help them get ready and out the door and
everyone was awake and getting ready! R****** was ironing everyones
clothes and K******* was doing J**** and A***'s hair. It was pure
bliss (...and chaos!) hahahaa. But we got to church a little bit after
the 9 o clock sacrament started and I cannot tell you how wonderful it
was just to have them at church. Then they decided to leave after but
they really enjoyed it and K**** and J**** decided to stay and go to
class with their friends! Gosh they make me feel like a proud mama!!
Hahaa. So that was this week's miracle.
Sweet, beautiful, crazy L**** is so wonderful. She has been asking me
to bring pictures of my family for her to see and I finally did
yesterday and she kissed every picture! I love her.
T****** is going through some family-craziness but we have planned for
a lesson at temple square tomorrow and I am so excited! Nothing
invites the spirit like the temple!! <3
I am so blessed to be serving a mission. I love being able to receive
letters and emails from my mom and dad and Kamee and my grandma and
papa and my dunkin girls, and all of my sweet friends and from some of
my missionaries from my home ward. I am so blessed every day. Thank
you all for making me feel like the most important missionary out
here! I love you. Have a great week!

This is me with the cutest little dog...besides Princess! 

And that would be the coolest Halloween decorated house! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

My wonderful sister Nicole who is turning 15 on the 15th!!! Happy
golden birthday Boo! I love you so much! Keep making me proud. Share
the gospel and be good to mom and dad!
My sweet companion Sister Brown who is turning 22 on the 15th as well!
She already has planned out where we're going to be eating! Hahahaa
And my fabulous sister Kamee who is turning 23 on the 17th. I love you
Kam. Thank you for everything you do for me. You're the best example
of what a sister should be.

Well I have been on my mission for FOUR MONTHS! I feel like such a
veteran...though I know that I am not! Hahaa. So this week I was able
to attend my FIRST BAPTISM! I got to go back to the Parleys stake and
see T**** get baptized. I will never be able to explain the feeling
that was there. I will never be able to explain the feeling of seeing
someone, that you have prayed for so long and so hard and that you
have loved more than you knew possible, enter into the waters of
baptism and make a covenant with God to always remember Him and to
take upon himself Jesus Christ's name and to keep His commandments. I
L*** M***** is wonderful! She works out with us every morning! 6:30 am
she is up and ready to run with us or do exercises or lift weights
(Sister Brown does that...I'm not about that life! hahaaa)
L**** is a bag of excitement! We helped her prune her fruit trees this
week. I have received more blisters in the 4 months of being on my
mission than cumulatively THE OTHER 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE! I am waiting
for the buildup of calluses on my hands but so far that hasn't
happened yet!
K*******, K****, J****, and little A*** are SO WONDERFUL! R****** was
out of town this week so we haven't seen him for a little while. When
J**** and K**** pray they always pray for Sister Brown's and my
families. They are the cutest! They were at their Dads this weekend so
they didn't make it to church :( But they are still wonderful!
T****** had some family problems this week so we haven't met with her
but we have been texting her and she is in our prayers.
Today for a zone activity we get to watch "Meet the Mormons" at the
mission office!! I am excited.
I can see the hand of the Lord every day in my life. I am so blessed
to be able to serve the people here in the East Millcreek Stake. I am
blessed to know how much Heavenly Father loves his children. I am
blessed every day as I read the Book of Mormon. I am so blessed. I
pray for my sweet family and my dear friends every day. I love you all
very much! Have a great week!

Sister Brown and I on a motorcycle. I decided that I am going to
marry a man with a motorcycle :)

T***'s BAPTISM!!! 

Sister Brown, Sister Bentley and I! Sister Bentley went on a short exchange with us :)

Our district :) Elder Hearn, Sister Brown, Sister Can, Sister Stout,
me and Elder Johnson

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tender Mercies

Well this week was wonderful. In my last area the Lord always gave me
tender mercies through food. Food is comforting, right? When I was
craving steak guess what we would have for dinner? And when I was
craving peach cobbler guess what we would have for dinner? And even
one time I was craving Red Robin and guess what we had for lunch the
next day?! Red Robin! (I know....I should have craved salads more
often!!) So this transfer the Lord has been telling me that he loves
me through letters! I have been having some hard days and every day
that is hard, I have walked down stairs to our room and there has been
mail waiting for me! Letters and packages make missionaries so happy!
I know that the Lord listens to our prayers. He knows us. He knows
K*******, R******, J****, K**** and A***. Ahhhhhh our golden family!
They are wonderful. I love them! We started reading the Book of Mormon
this past week and ever since they have been reading as a family. We
even stopped by really quickly one night this week to check on them
and they asked if we would read with them?! AHHHH! They are so
amazing! And we were able to watch the Saturday afternoon session of
conference with them.
L****, oh my crazy sweet L****! We visited with her and read the Book
of Mormon with her this week...I wish I could record the lessons that
we have with her because trying to explain them is impossible! Hahaaa.
Beautiful T****** watched conference this weekend and she went to the
Saturday afternoon session with one of her friends! We taught her
about enduring to the end this week and I really think that as she
opens up she is truly accepting the gospel! Gosh I just love her!
Sweet L*** M*****. I love her. We taught her about temples this week
and she went with us to see the Saturday afternoon session of
conference in the Conference Center. Did I already say last week that
she finished the Book of Mormon?! The significance of this is that she
just met the missionaries in September. She read the Book of Mormon in
like a month. She is amazing and we are planning to go to the temple
with her so that she can do baptisms! ahhhhh!
General Conference is something that I so took for granted growing up.
I just thought it was a relaxer Sunday when in fact it is a needed
Sunday. I sadly was not able to wear my pajamas to watch conference
this weekend. We watched the first Saturday session at a less-active
member's house. Then the Saturday afternoon session we went to the
conference center! Then Sunday morning we watched it with the people
we live with (and we ate cinnamon rolls...which made up a little bit
for the fact that I was in a skirt and not pajamas) and then we
watched the Sunday afternoon session at K******* and R******'s house!
A few things that I got out of conference:
If we love Him, we will keep His commandments. We must love our
neighbors of different faiths, ethnicities and cultures. -Dallin H.
"Do our children receive our leftover time?" -Tad R.Callister
Stop making excuses on why you are not being exactly obedient. Become
good at repenting: thoroughly and quickly. Become really good at
forgiving. Accept challenges and setbacks. -Jorg Klebinat
Because I have been given much I too must give. -Jeffrey R. Holland
The Savior is the master teacher. To be a Christian is to love the
Savior so much that you strive to become like Him. There has never
been a time when we need good parents more than now. -L. Tom Perry
All of us can walk the path He walked as we journey through mortality.
His path journeyed through the same trials as us: disappointment,
temptation, pain. Stand bravely for our beliefs, be morally clean, be
humble, love, serve, improve ourselves. Ponder the path of your feet.
His path with take us safely home. -Thomas S. Monson
His desire to share was due to his sincere personal experience.
Absolute truth exists. -David A. Bednar
Anyone who didn't have the chance to listen to conference should look
up the talks on They were SO GOOD and so helpful.
I love you all and pray for my beautiful family and wonderful friends
every day. I am so blessed to be serving the Lord.
All of my love, 
Sister Dodd

I love sushi! 

We went on a zone hike last P-Day.