Monday, October 6, 2014

Tender Mercies

Well this week was wonderful. In my last area the Lord always gave me
tender mercies through food. Food is comforting, right? When I was
craving steak guess what we would have for dinner? And when I was
craving peach cobbler guess what we would have for dinner? And even
one time I was craving Red Robin and guess what we had for lunch the
next day?! Red Robin! (I know....I should have craved salads more
often!!) So this transfer the Lord has been telling me that he loves
me through letters! I have been having some hard days and every day
that is hard, I have walked down stairs to our room and there has been
mail waiting for me! Letters and packages make missionaries so happy!
I know that the Lord listens to our prayers. He knows us. He knows
K*******, R******, J****, K**** and A***. Ahhhhhh our golden family!
They are wonderful. I love them! We started reading the Book of Mormon
this past week and ever since they have been reading as a family. We
even stopped by really quickly one night this week to check on them
and they asked if we would read with them?! AHHHH! They are so
amazing! And we were able to watch the Saturday afternoon session of
conference with them.
L****, oh my crazy sweet L****! We visited with her and read the Book
of Mormon with her this week...I wish I could record the lessons that
we have with her because trying to explain them is impossible! Hahaaa.
Beautiful T****** watched conference this weekend and she went to the
Saturday afternoon session with one of her friends! We taught her
about enduring to the end this week and I really think that as she
opens up she is truly accepting the gospel! Gosh I just love her!
Sweet L*** M*****. I love her. We taught her about temples this week
and she went with us to see the Saturday afternoon session of
conference in the Conference Center. Did I already say last week that
she finished the Book of Mormon?! The significance of this is that she
just met the missionaries in September. She read the Book of Mormon in
like a month. She is amazing and we are planning to go to the temple
with her so that she can do baptisms! ahhhhh!
General Conference is something that I so took for granted growing up.
I just thought it was a relaxer Sunday when in fact it is a needed
Sunday. I sadly was not able to wear my pajamas to watch conference
this weekend. We watched the first Saturday session at a less-active
member's house. Then the Saturday afternoon session we went to the
conference center! Then Sunday morning we watched it with the people
we live with (and we ate cinnamon rolls...which made up a little bit
for the fact that I was in a skirt and not pajamas) and then we
watched the Sunday afternoon session at K******* and R******'s house!
A few things that I got out of conference:
If we love Him, we will keep His commandments. We must love our
neighbors of different faiths, ethnicities and cultures. -Dallin H.
"Do our children receive our leftover time?" -Tad R.Callister
Stop making excuses on why you are not being exactly obedient. Become
good at repenting: thoroughly and quickly. Become really good at
forgiving. Accept challenges and setbacks. -Jorg Klebinat
Because I have been given much I too must give. -Jeffrey R. Holland
The Savior is the master teacher. To be a Christian is to love the
Savior so much that you strive to become like Him. There has never
been a time when we need good parents more than now. -L. Tom Perry
All of us can walk the path He walked as we journey through mortality.
His path journeyed through the same trials as us: disappointment,
temptation, pain. Stand bravely for our beliefs, be morally clean, be
humble, love, serve, improve ourselves. Ponder the path of your feet.
His path with take us safely home. -Thomas S. Monson
His desire to share was due to his sincere personal experience.
Absolute truth exists. -David A. Bednar
Anyone who didn't have the chance to listen to conference should look
up the talks on They were SO GOOD and so helpful.
I love you all and pray for my beautiful family and wonderful friends
every day. I am so blessed to be serving the Lord.
All of my love, 
Sister Dodd

I love sushi! 

We went on a zone hike last P-Day. 

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