Monday, October 13, 2014

My wonderful sister Nicole who is turning 15 on the 15th!!! Happy
golden birthday Boo! I love you so much! Keep making me proud. Share
the gospel and be good to mom and dad!
My sweet companion Sister Brown who is turning 22 on the 15th as well!
She already has planned out where we're going to be eating! Hahahaa
And my fabulous sister Kamee who is turning 23 on the 17th. I love you
Kam. Thank you for everything you do for me. You're the best example
of what a sister should be.

Well I have been on my mission for FOUR MONTHS! I feel like such a
veteran...though I know that I am not! Hahaa. So this week I was able
to attend my FIRST BAPTISM! I got to go back to the Parleys stake and
see T**** get baptized. I will never be able to explain the feeling
that was there. I will never be able to explain the feeling of seeing
someone, that you have prayed for so long and so hard and that you
have loved more than you knew possible, enter into the waters of
baptism and make a covenant with God to always remember Him and to
take upon himself Jesus Christ's name and to keep His commandments. I
L*** M***** is wonderful! She works out with us every morning! 6:30 am
she is up and ready to run with us or do exercises or lift weights
(Sister Brown does that...I'm not about that life! hahaaa)
L**** is a bag of excitement! We helped her prune her fruit trees this
week. I have received more blisters in the 4 months of being on my
mission than cumulatively THE OTHER 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE! I am waiting
for the buildup of calluses on my hands but so far that hasn't
happened yet!
K*******, K****, J****, and little A*** are SO WONDERFUL! R****** was
out of town this week so we haven't seen him for a little while. When
J**** and K**** pray they always pray for Sister Brown's and my
families. They are the cutest! They were at their Dads this weekend so
they didn't make it to church :( But they are still wonderful!
T****** had some family problems this week so we haven't met with her
but we have been texting her and she is in our prayers.
Today for a zone activity we get to watch "Meet the Mormons" at the
mission office!! I am excited.
I can see the hand of the Lord every day in my life. I am so blessed
to be able to serve the people here in the East Millcreek Stake. I am
blessed to know how much Heavenly Father loves his children. I am
blessed every day as I read the Book of Mormon. I am so blessed. I
pray for my sweet family and my dear friends every day. I love you all
very much! Have a great week!

Sister Brown and I on a motorcycle. I decided that I am going to
marry a man with a motorcycle :)

T***'s BAPTISM!!! 

Sister Brown, Sister Bentley and I! Sister Bentley went on a short exchange with us :)

Our district :) Elder Hearn, Sister Brown, Sister Can, Sister Stout,
me and Elder Johnson

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