Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm being transferred AGAIN...

I AM BEING TRANSFERRED...again. I feel like I just got here and now I
am leaving. I just have to have faith that Heavenly Father knows what
he's doing....because OBVIOUSLY he does!! Hahaa. I find out tomorrow
where I'm going.
K*******, R******, J****, K***** and A*** did not come to church
yesterday. We haven't had a lesson with them since last Sunday. But we
did drop by last night to harass them again. They were FINALLY home
and they said that everything was super hectic and that's why they
haven't been home. But we set up to meet with them Tuesday (so
Sister Brown will have to let me know how that goes!)
Beautiful T******!! We had a temple square lesson with her Tuesday
and we watched a video called "God's Plan for Families". The spirit
was so strong! Especially afterwards when we talked about what's going
on with her family and what she wants for her future family! Then her
boyfriend's brother gave her a blessing. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE THE
PRIESTHOOD AND I LOVE BLESSINGS! And she did not go to church
yesterday but she did go to a baptism with us yesterday night!!!! I
love her!
The mission life continues to surprise me. There are the highest highs
and the lowest lows but I love this gospel and knowing my own
incompetency and relying on the Lord helps every day to be wonderful!
I love being a missionary. I pray for all my family and friends daily.

So...I should probably tell you now that it is the end of the transfer
about the prank war that has been going on between us and our zone
leaders... :)
At the beginning of the transfer Sister Brown and I were talking to
our zls (Elder Ramirez and Elder Sirmans) and Sister Brown said
something like "watch it, we know where you live" then they of course
were like "bring it on".
1 prank (ZLs) : They placed a parking notice on our car
2 prank (us) : We put a void parking ticket on their car

3 prank (us) : They are on a diet called "6 months to sexy" (which is
the last 6 months of your mission you're supposed to try to get in
shape before going home) so they asked us for apples so we got like 3
bags of apples and put them all over their car.

4 prank (us) :  We did the apple thing again!5 prank (ZLs) : They toilet papered our car and before we could see
it, one of our neighbors had cleaned it up for us! MUHAHAHA!

6 prank (us) : we got a few giant garbage bags full of leaves and put
them in front of their door and put apples all around it. Then we
texted them and said "Happy Autumn!"

7 prank (us) : We sticky noted their entire car.

8 prank (ZLs) : THE BEST PRANK!!! They filled our ENTIRE CAR FULL OF
LEAVES. We have no clue HOW they got into our car or how they got that
many leaves but it happened and they texted us and said "Happy
Autumn!" -__- Then they came by the next morning to help us clean it took all 4 of us AN HOUR AND A HALF to clean it all up. Stupid

"We spoiled ourselves this week by eating at Red Robin which always
reminds me of Kamee. The food was great but the company should have
been my sister."

"Members took us out for lunch and of course I had to feed my sweet tooth!"

As my siblings would say "You only take pictures when you get ready!"
...obviously nothing has changed! Hahahaa

Sister Stout and Sister Can share the same love of food as Sister Brown and me!

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