Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Not nearly as scary as I had built it up to
be in my mind. My new companion, Sister Christina Britton, is from
Maryland, right outside of Annapolis. She graduated college before she
came out on her mission. She has a degree in vocal performance and
music education. My last 3 companions have been amazing
singers.................. I'll get over my jealousy one day. She has
been out for 14 months. She goes home in May. She is a Sister Training
Leader. That means she works with the zone leaders and she does
exchanges with all the sisters in the zone. By default that means that
I also do 24 hour exchanges with the sisters in the zone. I HATE
EXCHANGES. They put me outside of my comfort zone and I sleep even
more poorly than usual. I feel like you have to babysit whoever is in
my area. I know I have a yucky attitude towards exchanges and that is
why the good Lord put me with an STL! Hahaaa. He is always putting me
through the refiner's fire and making me better. I am so blessed.
Sister Britton and I are alot different but we get along well. She was
my STL for the past 2 transfers so I know her pretty well and I like
We received lots of peoples names that we can go visit. Sister Britton
has so much energy so we have done a lot of good work this week.

H*****r is good. Sis Britton will have to adjust to H*****r swearing
all the time! Hahaa. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her and
she loved it!

We met with J**e and his family this week. They are wonderful and they
have agreed to begin reading the Book of Mormon. We went over "The
Family: A Proclamation to the World" with them!

C****r is still set to be baptized on February 7th! Wahoooooo!

We are teaching a family, the W***'s, who are less-active, but their
daughter who is 7 wants to be baptized. The daughter's name is T****n
and her friend E****y (who is a member) sits in on the lessons. This
past week we taught the Plan of Salvation and somehow the question was
asked "If you faint do you have to go to the hopsital?"
Hahahahaaa....that has nothing to do with what we were teaching but we
appreciated the laugh.

H***y has been struggling lately with his health and with his faith.
We recommitted him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so
hopefully that will help.

This week has been so good! I got lots of letters from: my dad, Boo,
Kam, Taylor, Grandma and Papa Dodd, Ben and Sister Unrast! Thank you
for making me feel so loved!! It was great hearing from everyone. I
will try to write you all as soon as possible!
And I got a Valentines package from my family. Thanks Mom for the
banana bread!!! I have been craving it so much! I will wait to open
the rest of it until v-day.

I hope everyone has a great week! Love, Sister Dodd

Monday, January 19, 2015

Yeah we have transfers tomorrow and I am freaking out. Sister Talbert
is being transferred and I have to take over the area....I have never
taken over an area. But I am grateful that I am staying. The
Cottonwood stake is really great.

H***y is continuing to be wonderful! He is progressing and he always
texts us and asks us questions about what he is reading in the Book of
Mormon and he asks us to define words. It is really great because
Sister Talbert and I have to pause, open our scriptures and look at
what he is reading. It is good practice for us.
C****r is still planning on being baptized on February 7th! We are so
excited. His inactive parents are getting really excited as well! They
are both telling their whole families about it and they are really
supporting C****r.
We added 2 new investigators this week!
L*z is in her 30's and is a mother of 3. She grew up her whole life in
Chicago!! WAHOOO! She has a hardcore accent and everything. She says
she has "scientific beliefs" so our first challenge will be to help
her have a testimony of Heavenly Father.
The other is A****s. She is 19 and does not actually live in our stake
so eventually we will have to give her up. She has a catholic
background but she has looked into the lds church for a long time and
after lots of talks and arguments with her parents they have finally
allowed her to choose for herself. But during our lesson yesterday the
spirit was so strong and she said she would like to be baptized.

Good week, sad day. I will let you know about my new companion next
week. I am doing well. I love you all!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

H***Y GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! It was incredible. H***y is my first
investigator that I was able to find and teach all the lessons to and
see baptized! It was so amazing. The spirit was there during the whole
service. H***y's brother, R**y, who just got baptized last year was
able to baptize him. And their dad, who is not a member, was able to
come to the baptism. MIRACLES ERRYDAY!!!!
C****r is great. Every time we go he says "THOMAS S MONSON IS THE
PROPHET!" hahaa. He likes to prove to us that he is learning and
retaining what we teach him! Hahaa. So cute! We taught him about
eternal marriage last week so we asked him this week if he remembered
and he said "that's when you're stuck with someone forever"....pretty
This week was really good. Sister Talbert and I always have fun
together! We ate dinner at a members house and his wife was telling us
about how he puts his own words into church Hymns (it reminded me of
when mom sings the wrong words!!! hahhaaa). She said "today he sang
'Come, come ye saints, no TOILET PAPER HERE' "!!!!! HAHHAAA. (**"no
toil nor labor fear"). She then informed us how vital it is that we
marry a man who can make us laugh. We pretty much get marriage advice
at every dinner. (Sounds familiar...DAD!!!)
Mission life is wonderful. I see miracles every day. I see my Savior's
Atonement impact my life every day. I am so blessed. HAVE A GREAT

Sis Talbert, H***y, H***y's dad, and me!

The Butterfield's and H***y

The Forsberg's and H***y

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

I can't believe I've been on my mission for 7 months. So many miracles!!

I finally got my Grandma's letter with all the notes that my
family wrote to me at Thanksgiving!!!!! It seriously made me cry
reading through all of your notes. I LOVE MY CUTE FAMILY!!!!!

this week he said, "Did I tell you that I am getting baptized on
February 7th?" HAHAHAAA, NO! He didn't! We are so excited. And his
sweet less-active parents are being super supportive. Every
missionaries dream.

Our sweet less-active H*****r is having surgery his week on her mouth
and she asked us for a priesthood blessing. It was so powerful and
sweet. I know that priesthood blessings are dependent on our faith and
she has a lot of faith!

H***y is still solid. He is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY. AHHHHHHHH!
He is awesome. He is in Alma 51. If you want to know if the church is
true: READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. H***y is progressing because he is
reading the Book of Mormon and following the invitations that we
extend to him.

We had exchanges on Saturday so I got to spend a whole day with cute
Sister Hatch in her area, the Big Cottonwood stake! We met a member
that had "Salty Dog" written on his car....I don't know if I have been
on a mission too long to know what that means or if it is an inside
joke but I thought it was funny! And we had a lesson with a
less-active in her area and her 3 cute little grandkids. They are 4, 5
and 7 and they are these little boys with cute chubby cheeks and they
all have their ears pierced! Hahaaaa. One of the little boys said the
prayer and he asked Heavenly Father to help him to color inside the
lines. SO CUTE!
This week was good. I am constantly reminded of my blessings. I am
blessed with the gospel, I have a supportive and loving family and
friends, and I am a missionary.
Have a great week!!!!

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My District!

This train room was amazing. It reminded me of my Grandpa Davis' love
for trains.

Cute Sister Hatch!!!! <3

A week late...sorry!!

Birthday shoutout to my mama whose birthday is January 3rd! She is my
role model. She is the hardest worker ever, she shows ME patience, she
loves me love and she has dealt with me for 21 years so that is proof
of her hard work, patience and love!!! Hahaaa.

So Christmas as a missionary is pretty sweet. I got to see so many
different traditions and lots of people let us in to talk about Jesus.
It was cool. Also I have lots of people to thank for Christmas gifts
and thinking about Sister Talbert and I this Christmas!

The Nelsons gave us a ton of healthy food!
The Nashs gave us scone mix, lotion, gloves and chap stick and let us
come to thier house on Christmas and skype!
The Butterfields gave us blankets, gift cards and chocolate!
The Banks gave us trail mix, lotion, pajamas, scarves, leather gloves,
and moisturizer, and church art books.
The Forsbergs gave us pajamas, robes, socks, skirts, and stockings
full of candy! And Danica made us henna shirts!
Also thank you to the Biesingers, Bartons, Madsens, Stecks, Hansens,
Robbs, Steadmans, and Martinez's!!!!

Also I had some deliveries from my last areas!
Lynda Tierney gave me a watch, cheetah sunglasses and a gift card!
Sister James gave Sister Talbert and I scarves and a gift card
And sweet Linda from my first area came a brought me a quilt of the
Christmas story that she made for me!!!!

Then my amazing family:
Sarah: Thank you for the socks, bracelet and pictures! I sounds
conceited but I can't stop looking at us!! Hahaaa
Bret and Karen: Thanks for the cd's and the cute Christmas card!
Amanda Liman: Thank you for the chocolate advent calendar. It was yummy!!!
Aunt Karen and Thompson family: Thank you for the scarves and family
Christmas card! Jayden is so cute.
Grandma Davis: Thank you for the outfit! I love it!!!
Grandma and Papa Dodd: my dark chocolate pomegranate, a scarf, a super
cute sweater and a headwrap. THANK YOU! I love it all.
Kamee: Thank you for the scarf, earrings, lotion and a watch. Thank
you. So cute...as usual.
Mom, Dad, Nate and Boo: Thank you for the leggings, pajamas, lotion,
watch, outfits, hot chocolate and stocking! It was the best.
And thank you to Mom's friend who sent me a cosmetic bag...I LOVE IT!

As you can see....I am SO blessed. Thank you for making my Christmas
away from home wonderful!
Christmas day: We went to a recent convert's house and had breakfast!
They made french toast which reminded me of home (except it wasn't
stuffed mom). Then we dropped by Jose's house and wished them a Merry
Christmas. Then we went the the Nash's home and I got to SKYPE MY
FAMILY! It was the best Christmas present. Then we had lunch at the
Kesler's. Then we went and visited the Nelsons. Then we went back to
the Nelson's for dinner and we did a giant puzzle together and we sang
Christmas songs around the piano! Then we finished our Christmas day
at the Forsbergs. It was a magical day filled with people that I love.
I hope everyone's Christmas celebrations were centered around thoughts
and messages of our Savior. This Christmas season was a testament to
me that He is indeed the reason for the season. I love Jesus Christ! I
love being a missionary!

H***y is still on date to be baptized on January 10th. He is AMAZING.
He is already half way through reading Alma in the Book of Mormon.

G***f and his family were evacuated but we will hopefully be able to
stay in contact with them and they told us they were going to meet
with missionaries in their temporary apartment.

C****r and his family had a good Christmas and although we weren't
able to have a lesson this week we did stop by because C*****'s mom
asked us to come by and braid her hair! Hahahaa. (She just had
shoulder surgery so it isn't that weird!!)

Mission life is always good. Everyone have a happy and safe New Years
Eve celebration. 2015 holllllllllaaaaa!!!!