Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Not nearly as scary as I had built it up to
be in my mind. My new companion, Sister Christina Britton, is from
Maryland, right outside of Annapolis. She graduated college before she
came out on her mission. She has a degree in vocal performance and
music education. My last 3 companions have been amazing
singers.................. I'll get over my jealousy one day. She has
been out for 14 months. She goes home in May. She is a Sister Training
Leader. That means she works with the zone leaders and she does
exchanges with all the sisters in the zone. By default that means that
I also do 24 hour exchanges with the sisters in the zone. I HATE
EXCHANGES. They put me outside of my comfort zone and I sleep even
more poorly than usual. I feel like you have to babysit whoever is in
my area. I know I have a yucky attitude towards exchanges and that is
why the good Lord put me with an STL! Hahaaa. He is always putting me
through the refiner's fire and making me better. I am so blessed.
Sister Britton and I are alot different but we get along well. She was
my STL for the past 2 transfers so I know her pretty well and I like
We received lots of peoples names that we can go visit. Sister Britton
has so much energy so we have done a lot of good work this week.

H*****r is good. Sis Britton will have to adjust to H*****r swearing
all the time! Hahaa. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her and
she loved it!

We met with J**e and his family this week. They are wonderful and they
have agreed to begin reading the Book of Mormon. We went over "The
Family: A Proclamation to the World" with them!

C****r is still set to be baptized on February 7th! Wahoooooo!

We are teaching a family, the W***'s, who are less-active, but their
daughter who is 7 wants to be baptized. The daughter's name is T****n
and her friend E****y (who is a member) sits in on the lessons. This
past week we taught the Plan of Salvation and somehow the question was
asked "If you faint do you have to go to the hopsital?"
Hahahahaaa....that has nothing to do with what we were teaching but we
appreciated the laugh.

H***y has been struggling lately with his health and with his faith.
We recommitted him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so
hopefully that will help.

This week has been so good! I got lots of letters from: my dad, Boo,
Kam, Taylor, Grandma and Papa Dodd, Ben and Sister Unrast! Thank you
for making me feel so loved!! It was great hearing from everyone. I
will try to write you all as soon as possible!
And I got a Valentines package from my family. Thanks Mom for the
banana bread!!! I have been craving it so much! I will wait to open
the rest of it until v-day.

I hope everyone has a great week! Love, Sister Dodd

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