Monday, January 5, 2015

A week late...sorry!!

Birthday shoutout to my mama whose birthday is January 3rd! She is my
role model. She is the hardest worker ever, she shows ME patience, she
loves me love and she has dealt with me for 21 years so that is proof
of her hard work, patience and love!!! Hahaaa.

So Christmas as a missionary is pretty sweet. I got to see so many
different traditions and lots of people let us in to talk about Jesus.
It was cool. Also I have lots of people to thank for Christmas gifts
and thinking about Sister Talbert and I this Christmas!

The Nelsons gave us a ton of healthy food!
The Nashs gave us scone mix, lotion, gloves and chap stick and let us
come to thier house on Christmas and skype!
The Butterfields gave us blankets, gift cards and chocolate!
The Banks gave us trail mix, lotion, pajamas, scarves, leather gloves,
and moisturizer, and church art books.
The Forsbergs gave us pajamas, robes, socks, skirts, and stockings
full of candy! And Danica made us henna shirts!
Also thank you to the Biesingers, Bartons, Madsens, Stecks, Hansens,
Robbs, Steadmans, and Martinez's!!!!

Also I had some deliveries from my last areas!
Lynda Tierney gave me a watch, cheetah sunglasses and a gift card!
Sister James gave Sister Talbert and I scarves and a gift card
And sweet Linda from my first area came a brought me a quilt of the
Christmas story that she made for me!!!!

Then my amazing family:
Sarah: Thank you for the socks, bracelet and pictures! I sounds
conceited but I can't stop looking at us!! Hahaaa
Bret and Karen: Thanks for the cd's and the cute Christmas card!
Amanda Liman: Thank you for the chocolate advent calendar. It was yummy!!!
Aunt Karen and Thompson family: Thank you for the scarves and family
Christmas card! Jayden is so cute.
Grandma Davis: Thank you for the outfit! I love it!!!
Grandma and Papa Dodd: my dark chocolate pomegranate, a scarf, a super
cute sweater and a headwrap. THANK YOU! I love it all.
Kamee: Thank you for the scarf, earrings, lotion and a watch. Thank
you. So usual.
Mom, Dad, Nate and Boo: Thank you for the leggings, pajamas, lotion,
watch, outfits, hot chocolate and stocking! It was the best.
And thank you to Mom's friend who sent me a cosmetic bag...I LOVE IT!

As you can see....I am SO blessed. Thank you for making my Christmas
away from home wonderful!
Christmas day: We went to a recent convert's house and had breakfast!
They made french toast which reminded me of home (except it wasn't
stuffed mom). Then we dropped by Jose's house and wished them a Merry
Christmas. Then we went the the Nash's home and I got to SKYPE MY
FAMILY! It was the best Christmas present. Then we had lunch at the
Kesler's. Then we went and visited the Nelsons. Then we went back to
the Nelson's for dinner and we did a giant puzzle together and we sang
Christmas songs around the piano! Then we finished our Christmas day
at the Forsbergs. It was a magical day filled with people that I love.
I hope everyone's Christmas celebrations were centered around thoughts
and messages of our Savior. This Christmas season was a testament to
me that He is indeed the reason for the season. I love Jesus Christ! I
love being a missionary!

H***y is still on date to be baptized on January 10th. He is AMAZING.
He is already half way through reading Alma in the Book of Mormon.

G***f and his family were evacuated but we will hopefully be able to
stay in contact with them and they told us they were going to meet
with missionaries in their temporary apartment.

C****r and his family had a good Christmas and although we weren't
able to have a lesson this week we did stop by because C*****'s mom
asked us to come by and braid her hair! Hahahaa. (She just had
shoulder surgery so it isn't that weird!!)

Mission life is always good. Everyone have a happy and safe New Years
Eve celebration. 2015 holllllllllaaaaa!!!!

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