Thursday, January 15, 2015

H***Y GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! It was incredible. H***y is my first
investigator that I was able to find and teach all the lessons to and
see baptized! It was so amazing. The spirit was there during the whole
service. H***y's brother, R**y, who just got baptized last year was
able to baptize him. And their dad, who is not a member, was able to
come to the baptism. MIRACLES ERRYDAY!!!!
C****r is great. Every time we go he says "THOMAS S MONSON IS THE
PROPHET!" hahaa. He likes to prove to us that he is learning and
retaining what we teach him! Hahaa. So cute! We taught him about
eternal marriage last week so we asked him this week if he remembered
and he said "that's when you're stuck with someone forever"....pretty
This week was really good. Sister Talbert and I always have fun
together! We ate dinner at a members house and his wife was telling us
about how he puts his own words into church Hymns (it reminded me of
when mom sings the wrong words!!! hahhaaa). She said "today he sang
'Come, come ye saints, no TOILET PAPER HERE' "!!!!! HAHHAAA. (**"no
toil nor labor fear"). She then informed us how vital it is that we
marry a man who can make us laugh. We pretty much get marriage advice
at every dinner. (Sounds familiar...DAD!!!)
Mission life is wonderful. I see miracles every day. I see my Savior's
Atonement impact my life every day. I am so blessed. HAVE A GREAT

Sis Talbert, H***y, H***y's dad, and me!

The Butterfield's and H***y

The Forsberg's and H***y

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