Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

I can't believe I've been on my mission for 7 months. So many miracles!!

I finally got my Grandma's letter with all the notes that my
family wrote to me at Thanksgiving!!!!! It seriously made me cry
reading through all of your notes. I LOVE MY CUTE FAMILY!!!!!

this week he said, "Did I tell you that I am getting baptized on
February 7th?" HAHAHAAA, NO! He didn't! We are so excited. And his
sweet less-active parents are being super supportive. Every
missionaries dream.

Our sweet less-active H*****r is having surgery his week on her mouth
and she asked us for a priesthood blessing. It was so powerful and
sweet. I know that priesthood blessings are dependent on our faith and
she has a lot of faith!

H***y is still solid. He is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY. AHHHHHHHH!
He is awesome. He is in Alma 51. If you want to know if the church is
true: READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. H***y is progressing because he is
reading the Book of Mormon and following the invitations that we
extend to him.

We had exchanges on Saturday so I got to spend a whole day with cute
Sister Hatch in her area, the Big Cottonwood stake! We met a member
that had "Salty Dog" written on his car....I don't know if I have been
on a mission too long to know what that means or if it is an inside
joke but I thought it was funny! And we had a lesson with a
less-active in her area and her 3 cute little grandkids. They are 4, 5
and 7 and they are these little boys with cute chubby cheeks and they
all have their ears pierced! Hahaaaa. One of the little boys said the
prayer and he asked Heavenly Father to help him to color inside the
lines. SO CUTE!
This week was good. I am constantly reminded of my blessings. I am
blessed with the gospel, I have a supportive and loving family and
friends, and I am a missionary.
Have a great week!!!!

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My District!

This train room was amazing. It reminded me of my Grandpa Davis' love
for trains.

Cute Sister Hatch!!!! <3

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