Monday, September 29, 2014

So I guess I did not explain my new area very well...Sorry! I am about
5 minutes from my old area so I am still in good ol' Salt Lake City. We
cover a stake that consists of 5 wards. We have a car here and my new
companion is Sister Brown and she is from northern Virginia
(about a half hour south of Washington DC). I LOVE living with
members! Every missionary should live with's almost like
you actually have a home (don't worry mom, it's not the same as living
at my home!!). The J***s' are so sweet, I really love them. The East
Millcreek Stake is so much different than Parleys. But...Sister Unrast
is still in my zone so I get to see her every Monday. :)
L*** M***** is a little piece of sunshine! She doesn't speak ANY
english so it can be difficult sometimes but I get to practice my
spanish! And there is always a translator at our lessons. But guess
what? She went with us to the Women's broadcast of General Conference
Saturday! It was awesome and she loved it.
L**** is a spicy little thing. She is like no one that I have ever met
before. She is never on time, she is not organized, she has a heart of
gold, she grows peaches, pears, grapes, apples and she is super
healthy! I love her. We read the scriptures and pray and sing every
time we go there.
Our golden family (K*******, R******, K****, J**** and A***) were sick
this week so we hit a little road bump but they are back on track.
They texted us yesterday and asked us to come by and we did and we
shared a scripture and prayed with them and K**** has decided to plan
a hiking trip for all of us to go on! I love them. And the bishop
stopped by yesterday to get to know them and they were really excited
about that.
Miracles, miracles, miracles. I am so blessed to be serving a mission.
We went to a funeral Saturday (because anyone who knows me knows
that people love inviting me to funerals!) to support the ward and the
family of this sweet man. It was a really nice service. All of his
kids that spoke talked about how funny their dad was and they all
shared funny stories. I want people to laugh at my funeral!! And guess
who was there? THOMAS S. MONSON!!! Like the prophet of the church. And
he spoke. It was a testimony-strengthener for me that he is a man of
God. He is so busy and yet he took the time to support a man who he
used to be the bishop of and his family. And when he was walking out
he stopped and talked to the little kids. It was adorable! I love this
church! I am blessed every day. My faith is strengthened every day
from being a missionary and seeing the Lord work miracles among His
children. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON and allow it to change your life. I
LOVE YOU! Thank you for your prayers, I really needed them this week.

L*** M*****, Sister Brown, and I going to the rain :)

At night. 

I found another dog! 

 I am so entranced by the
beauty here...but not enough to move here! Utah mountains are awesome. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm still in SLC!

So my new area is still in Salt Lake City and is actually in the same
zone as I was in before! I am now serving in the East Millcreek Stake
and we have 5 wards in the stake. My companion's name is Sister Brown
and she is from Northern Virginia. She is loud and fun and very
obedient. We were in the same zone before and she always tells me
about how she has wanted to be my companion ever since she met me!
Hahaaa. She has no clue what she's getting herself into!!
So in this area we live in the J***'s families basement. They have 2
sons, one is married and the other is on a mission! I love Brother and
Sister James!
L*** M***** is a recent convert who was just baptized the week before
I got here. She is from Colombia and only speaks Spanish and she is
15. Our zone leaders cover the Spanish branches here but L*** M*****
came to America to learn English and so her aunt and uncle said that
they wanted her to attend an English speaking ward and they want her
to be taught by we have a translator at every lesson!
She is so sweet.
L**** (do not get confused from the L**** in my last area) is a spunky
and crazy less active who I LOVE! I think we are just sassy kindred
The J******/G******* family is a referral that we got at transfer
meeting and they are golden. The Dads name is R****** and the Mom's
name is K******* and they aren't married yet. C**** is 13 and baptized
and J**** is 9 and isn't baptized and the 17 month old is named A***
and is a doll! Last night I (by I I mean the spirit) committed them to
be baptized and they said YES! We are so excited!
Once again, I love being a missionary. I love feeling Heavenly
Father's love for his children that I am serving. I am so blessed to
wear Jesus Christ's name on my chest every day. I love you all. I pray
for my family and friends and my fellow missionaries every day. 

My new address is:
2607 Mount Crest Dr.
SLC, UT. 84109


Pictures this week as I said goodbye to the Parleys Stake, my first area. 
My sweet Wilcox's
(The last Elder Wilcox moment...when I was leaving he kissed my hand
and started crying. I love them soo very much!)

The H**** Family! 

Sweet L****

My sweet S********* family!

The 2nd ward relief society president and her husband. The H******


B***'s fellowshippers, the R******

The M*** Family!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm getting transferred!

So....I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED. I will go to transfer meeting tomorrow
to find out where and I will let you know next week! Sister Unrast is
staying and we are devastated but we know that this is what is
supposed to happen. This week was a good week. MOM, I snaked the
drain! And I made the vacuum work. The spirit can't dwell in unclean
places! Also Sister Unrast and I were told this week that we are the
best sister missionaries because we wear makeup! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa.
T**** is on fire! We had a lesson with him at Temple Square this week
and the spirit was so strong! He has been dealing with the Word of
Wisdom but he has agreed to follow it and he has been following the
W.o.W. for a week now! He makes me feel like a proud Mama!!
T**** is so set. We taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ this week
and we talked about his baptism coming up in October. He invited his
boss and he decided who he wants to baptize him!!! He is so excited
and he goes to church every week. CHURCH ATTENDANCE CHANGES LIVES!
B*** is busy with work so we haven't been able to have any lessons
recently but we have talked with him and he is praying and finds
comfort in reading his scriptures.
I am sad that these will be the last updates you will have of my sweet
investigators in the Parleys stake. But I know that Heavenly Father
takes care of his children and I am excited to have Sister Unrast to
tell me how everything folds out. This gospel is the greatest thing
ever. I am so lucky to know of the truths that I do and to be able to
share them every day!

Elder Wilcox moment: (They were driving us to temple square and there
was a wedding reception outside) Elder Wilcox: "Do you sisters want
some snacks? We'll just tell 'em we know the bride!"

Sister Unrast: "Yes, I have 7."
Elder Wilcox: "Do you?"
Me: "I only have 1."
Elder Wilcox: "Well maybe Sister Unrast can give you one of  hers and
then you'll have a pair and she'll have 3 pairs."

"Because I know that everyone's favorite of the pictures are the
selfies that Sister Unrast and I take!"

"I love this beautiful place!"

Monday, September 8, 2014

A week of miracles!

MIRACLES. We put TWO of our investigators on date to be baptized this
week! And we had a "Regional Stake Conference" yesterday. They invited
68 stakes and the had 19 of which come to the conference center in
downtown SLC. So we were one of the stakes that attended and guess who
spoke? DALLIN H. OAKS! He's my favorite! And also Don R. Clarke and
Robert D. Hales and Linda K. Burton. It was crazy good!
Some highlights:
"The strength of the church comes from the strength of its individual members."
"We have the RIGHT to the spirit when we keep the commandments of God."
"Cell phones are our slaves, not our masters. They are addictive. Lift
up your heads and have a conversation with the people in front of
"Never raise your voice in your home. When you do, you drive away the spirit."
"Our family and our marriage is better because of our scripture study."
"Children need to know you love them enough to spend precious time with them."

L****: It was her birthday this week! She is another year older and
another year wiser. She is fixing Sister Unrast's quilt. And this week
we challenged her to hold a calling and she said "....Doesn't that
mean I have to go to church?" and we said yes and she said "....I'll
think about it!"
T****: He is our superstar in the mid-singles ward and this week he
agreed to be baptized. Though we originally said this month, it might
end up being October. But he is awesome. All in one week, he changed
his living situation and he is quitting coffee. He is a testament that
with God's help, we can do anything!
T****: he is our other superstar! He agreed to be baptized after YEARS
of investigating the church and reading the Book of Mormon over 3
times. We are so excited for him. He too will be  baptized in October.
G*****: WE FINALLY GOT IN CONTACT WITH G*****! He said that his work
has been crazy since he will be taking a week off for eye surgery. So
we set up an appointment with him for after his work craziness dies
B***: is awesome. We are meeting with him this week but he has been
praying and reading his scriptures! I will let you know next week how
the lesson goes this week!

Another awesome week here in SLC. Transfers (every 6 weeks you have
the chance of getting sent to another area) are next week on the 16th
so I might be leaving the Parleys Stake...but I think I'm staying! I
will let you know.
Have an awesome week everyone and know that I pray for my dear family
and my sweet friends every day. You are my inspiration. I hope to make
you proud!

Sister Unrast and I in front of the SLC temple after regional stake conference.

"Slurpee time always makes me miss my siblings!"

Monday, September 1, 2014

Be thankful, be happy, and be grateful!

So..."NO SWEETS/DESSERT AUGUST" IS OVER! So to celebrate today I will
be buying ice cream at the store! Hahaaa. Just kidding, not loading up
on sugar actually did give us a lot more energy and I didn't hit a
wall in the middle of the day. But saying no to desserts was hard...on
my heart! Hahaha.
Happy Labor Day! Today the P*****'s (our sweet less-actives that had us
over for 4th of July) took us to the zoo with their little grandson
J*****! It was so much fun. I love animals and I tried a pastrami was quite tasty. (I should not have included those in the
same sentence!)
This week has been wonderful! I am still finishing my cold but this
week was so much better than last week.
L**** has not gone to church and next week is regional stake
conference so she won't go next week either but I bet she will come
the week after! We had a lesson with her this week on the Atonement
and she got all teary-eyed on us. I can feel her coming closer to
Christ. She is so special.
The P*****'s obviously are the best! They are so welcoming to us and
though he always jokes about being catholic he said last week that "He
(Heavenly Father) always answers my prayers. He has never let me down
when I need him". I know they will come back soon.
B*** is great! He came to the stake picnic on Wednesday with his dog. 
He was back home in Colorado this weekend so he has not gone to
church. Keep him in your prayers folks!
T**** is our newest investigator. He just started attending the
mid-singles ward and he feels too inadequate to pray but he met with
the bishop yesterday to clear his mind about his past. He is really
prepared. We have a meeting with him on Tuesday afternoon and I am SO
Every day is an adventure on a mission. Every day has its struggles.
But like Sister B******* (The first counselor in the mid-singles
ward's wife) said yesterday, "Be thankful, be happy and be grateful.
To achieve happiness make someone else happy. Happiness is simple
things like being with your family and friends." I want people to know
of the joy of being with their families forever. I want them to know
of the joy that comes from knowing why we're here on this earth. I
want the people here to know where true happiness comes. I am so
blessed to be serving the people here. I love this gospel and I LOVE
At the zoo today!
From last week's p-day. My buddy K*** painted my finger nails! 

A**** painting Sister Unrast's nails! 

The finished product. 

Elder Wilcox moment of the week: He gave me a set of screw drivers. HAHAHA

We went to the zoo for P-day today! The elephants are my favorite! 

Sister Unrast and I on the carousel. 
Sister Unrast and I LOVE being missionaries!!!