Monday, September 8, 2014

A week of miracles!

MIRACLES. We put TWO of our investigators on date to be baptized this
week! And we had a "Regional Stake Conference" yesterday. They invited
68 stakes and the had 19 of which come to the conference center in
downtown SLC. So we were one of the stakes that attended and guess who
spoke? DALLIN H. OAKS! He's my favorite! And also Don R. Clarke and
Robert D. Hales and Linda K. Burton. It was crazy good!
Some highlights:
"The strength of the church comes from the strength of its individual members."
"We have the RIGHT to the spirit when we keep the commandments of God."
"Cell phones are our slaves, not our masters. They are addictive. Lift
up your heads and have a conversation with the people in front of
"Never raise your voice in your home. When you do, you drive away the spirit."
"Our family and our marriage is better because of our scripture study."
"Children need to know you love them enough to spend precious time with them."

L****: It was her birthday this week! She is another year older and
another year wiser. She is fixing Sister Unrast's quilt. And this week
we challenged her to hold a calling and she said "....Doesn't that
mean I have to go to church?" and we said yes and she said "....I'll
think about it!"
T****: He is our superstar in the mid-singles ward and this week he
agreed to be baptized. Though we originally said this month, it might
end up being October. But he is awesome. All in one week, he changed
his living situation and he is quitting coffee. He is a testament that
with God's help, we can do anything!
T****: he is our other superstar! He agreed to be baptized after YEARS
of investigating the church and reading the Book of Mormon over 3
times. We are so excited for him. He too will be  baptized in October.
G*****: WE FINALLY GOT IN CONTACT WITH G*****! He said that his work
has been crazy since he will be taking a week off for eye surgery. So
we set up an appointment with him for after his work craziness dies
B***: is awesome. We are meeting with him this week but he has been
praying and reading his scriptures! I will let you know next week how
the lesson goes this week!

Another awesome week here in SLC. Transfers (every 6 weeks you have
the chance of getting sent to another area) are next week on the 16th
so I might be leaving the Parleys Stake...but I think I'm staying! I
will let you know.
Have an awesome week everyone and know that I pray for my dear family
and my sweet friends every day. You are my inspiration. I hope to make
you proud!

Sister Unrast and I in front of the SLC temple after regional stake conference.

"Slurpee time always makes me miss my siblings!"

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