Monday, September 29, 2014

So I guess I did not explain my new area very well...Sorry! I am about
5 minutes from my old area so I am still in good ol' Salt Lake City. We
cover a stake that consists of 5 wards. We have a car here and my new
companion is Sister Brown and she is from northern Virginia
(about a half hour south of Washington DC). I LOVE living with
members! Every missionary should live with's almost like
you actually have a home (don't worry mom, it's not the same as living
at my home!!). The J***s' are so sweet, I really love them. The East
Millcreek Stake is so much different than Parleys. But...Sister Unrast
is still in my zone so I get to see her every Monday. :)
L*** M***** is a little piece of sunshine! She doesn't speak ANY
english so it can be difficult sometimes but I get to practice my
spanish! And there is always a translator at our lessons. But guess
what? She went with us to the Women's broadcast of General Conference
Saturday! It was awesome and she loved it.
L**** is a spicy little thing. She is like no one that I have ever met
before. She is never on time, she is not organized, she has a heart of
gold, she grows peaches, pears, grapes, apples and she is super
healthy! I love her. We read the scriptures and pray and sing every
time we go there.
Our golden family (K*******, R******, K****, J**** and A***) were sick
this week so we hit a little road bump but they are back on track.
They texted us yesterday and asked us to come by and we did and we
shared a scripture and prayed with them and K**** has decided to plan
a hiking trip for all of us to go on! I love them. And the bishop
stopped by yesterday to get to know them and they were really excited
about that.
Miracles, miracles, miracles. I am so blessed to be serving a mission.
We went to a funeral Saturday (because anyone who knows me knows
that people love inviting me to funerals!) to support the ward and the
family of this sweet man. It was a really nice service. All of his
kids that spoke talked about how funny their dad was and they all
shared funny stories. I want people to laugh at my funeral!! And guess
who was there? THOMAS S. MONSON!!! Like the prophet of the church. And
he spoke. It was a testimony-strengthener for me that he is a man of
God. He is so busy and yet he took the time to support a man who he
used to be the bishop of and his family. And when he was walking out
he stopped and talked to the little kids. It was adorable! I love this
church! I am blessed every day. My faith is strengthened every day
from being a missionary and seeing the Lord work miracles among His
children. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON and allow it to change your life. I
LOVE YOU! Thank you for your prayers, I really needed them this week.

L*** M*****, Sister Brown, and I going to the rain :)

At night. 

I found another dog! 

 I am so entranced by the
beauty here...but not enough to move here! Utah mountains are awesome. 

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