Monday, September 1, 2014

Be thankful, be happy, and be grateful!

So..."NO SWEETS/DESSERT AUGUST" IS OVER! So to celebrate today I will
be buying ice cream at the store! Hahaaa. Just kidding, not loading up
on sugar actually did give us a lot more energy and I didn't hit a
wall in the middle of the day. But saying no to desserts was hard...on
my heart! Hahaha.
Happy Labor Day! Today the P*****'s (our sweet less-actives that had us
over for 4th of July) took us to the zoo with their little grandson
J*****! It was so much fun. I love animals and I tried a pastrami was quite tasty. (I should not have included those in the
same sentence!)
This week has been wonderful! I am still finishing my cold but this
week was so much better than last week.
L**** has not gone to church and next week is regional stake
conference so she won't go next week either but I bet she will come
the week after! We had a lesson with her this week on the Atonement
and she got all teary-eyed on us. I can feel her coming closer to
Christ. She is so special.
The P*****'s obviously are the best! They are so welcoming to us and
though he always jokes about being catholic he said last week that "He
(Heavenly Father) always answers my prayers. He has never let me down
when I need him". I know they will come back soon.
B*** is great! He came to the stake picnic on Wednesday with his dog. 
He was back home in Colorado this weekend so he has not gone to
church. Keep him in your prayers folks!
T**** is our newest investigator. He just started attending the
mid-singles ward and he feels too inadequate to pray but he met with
the bishop yesterday to clear his mind about his past. He is really
prepared. We have a meeting with him on Tuesday afternoon and I am SO
Every day is an adventure on a mission. Every day has its struggles.
But like Sister B******* (The first counselor in the mid-singles
ward's wife) said yesterday, "Be thankful, be happy and be grateful.
To achieve happiness make someone else happy. Happiness is simple
things like being with your family and friends." I want people to know
of the joy of being with their families forever. I want them to know
of the joy that comes from knowing why we're here on this earth. I
want the people here to know where true happiness comes. I am so
blessed to be serving the people here. I love this gospel and I LOVE
At the zoo today!
From last week's p-day. My buddy K*** painted my finger nails! 

A**** painting Sister Unrast's nails! 

The finished product. 

Elder Wilcox moment of the week: He gave me a set of screw drivers. HAHAHA

We went to the zoo for P-day today! The elephants are my favorite! 

Sister Unrast and I on the carousel. 
Sister Unrast and I LOVE being missionaries!!! 

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