Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm getting transferred!

So....I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED. I will go to transfer meeting tomorrow
to find out where and I will let you know next week! Sister Unrast is
staying and we are devastated but we know that this is what is
supposed to happen. This week was a good week. MOM, I snaked the
drain! And I made the vacuum work. The spirit can't dwell in unclean
places! Also Sister Unrast and I were told this week that we are the
best sister missionaries because we wear makeup! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa.
T**** is on fire! We had a lesson with him at Temple Square this week
and the spirit was so strong! He has been dealing with the Word of
Wisdom but he has agreed to follow it and he has been following the
W.o.W. for a week now! He makes me feel like a proud Mama!!
T**** is so set. We taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ this week
and we talked about his baptism coming up in October. He invited his
boss and he decided who he wants to baptize him!!! He is so excited
and he goes to church every week. CHURCH ATTENDANCE CHANGES LIVES!
B*** is busy with work so we haven't been able to have any lessons
recently but we have talked with him and he is praying and finds
comfort in reading his scriptures.
I am sad that these will be the last updates you will have of my sweet
investigators in the Parleys stake. But I know that Heavenly Father
takes care of his children and I am excited to have Sister Unrast to
tell me how everything folds out. This gospel is the greatest thing
ever. I am so lucky to know of the truths that I do and to be able to
share them every day!

Elder Wilcox moment: (They were driving us to temple square and there
was a wedding reception outside) Elder Wilcox: "Do you sisters want
some snacks? We'll just tell 'em we know the bride!"

Sister Unrast: "Yes, I have 7."
Elder Wilcox: "Do you?"
Me: "I only have 1."
Elder Wilcox: "Well maybe Sister Unrast can give you one of  hers and
then you'll have a pair and she'll have 3 pairs."

"Because I know that everyone's favorite of the pictures are the
selfies that Sister Unrast and I take!"

"I love this beautiful place!"

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