Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

So the cool thing about serving in Utah is that there are general
authorities around every corner. At our stake conference last week
ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS (mom, I'm sure you can sense my enthusiasm), an
apostle, spoke and shook my hand! He asked where I was from and turns
out he used to live in Joliet and was a branch president there! Crazy!
Then this past Friday at our mission devotional, ELDER JEFFREY R.
HOLLAND spoke to us! He shook each of the missionaries hands and
afterwards told us he did an individual interview when he shook our
hands and looked into our eyes.....so I have bad news. Just kidding of
course I passed! Strict obedience ladies and gentlemen. ;)
Long story short, serving in Utah is awesome! We have been being given
Christmas presents left and right. It really is such a blessing to
have so many people who want to take care of us. I am so thankful. I
am so grateful that I am going to be able to skype with my family in
THREE DAYS! I am not as thankful that they will see how fat I've
gotten! Hahaaa. If you want to give the missionaries presents for
Christmas, get them sweaters or blankets, or a watch or HAND SOAP!
Everyone uses hand soap! Hahaaa.
I am thankful also for the wonderful Christmas season! During the
CHRISTmas season people enjoy hearing of Jesus Christ. He truly is the
reason for the season. People that would usually not listen to our
message have their hearts softened during this time. I love my Savior!
Jeffrey R. Holland told us that "When God wants something done he
sends a baby". He wants us to return to live with him so he sent Jesus
Christ as a baby to the most humble circumstances. And thus begins the
Christmas story...
H***y is wonderful! He is already in Mosiah. The Book of Mormon is the
key to knowing if this church is true and he is reading it. Miracle.
C****r is so funny. For the last month when he offers the prayer he
mentions something about Santa bringing him everything that he asked
for. It is so cute that none of us have had the courage to break it to
him that just because he prays for Santa to bring him everything...it
doesn't mean that it's gonna happen! Hahaa
G***f and his family are really coming closer. G***f mentioned the
other day about how since he's been meeting with us he has seen the
blessings in his life.
Sister Talbert and I are still getting along! And she hasn't gotten
sick of me YET! HAhaaa...when I read that to her she said..."not that
you know of!"
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. May the joy and happiness of
the Christmas season be in our hearts all year round. LOVE YOU!

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