Monday, December 8, 2014

Obviously I was a slacker last week and I didn't send pictures...silly
me! Who wants to look at a blog without pictures?! NO ONE! So I will
be better.
So....transfers are tomorrow and you know my history with being moved
around...well guess what?! (drum roll please!) I'M STAYING WITH SISTER
TALBERT IN THE COTTONWOOD STAKE! I am really excited. We added
TWO new investigators!
L**y is a sweet 15 year old girl that has grown up around the church
but has a few different feelings than the things we believe in and she
"doesn't believe in organized religion". But she is super cute and
wants to learn more :)
G***f grew up in Utah and has studied pretty much every religion ever!
So he asks very insightful questions that the spirit definitely has to
help us answer! Hahaa. His wife is less-active and they have 3 boys
and they are going to start joining G***f for our lessons!
H***y was a media referral. He is 22 and he had thyroid cancer and
just recently got it removed. He has lived in Utah for 2 years and his
brother is a member and he wants to be baptized.....GOLDEN! He came to
the Christmas devotional last night that we watched at a members
house. Afterwards we began talking and suddenly we were teaching the
Restoration and we invited him to be baptized! He said yes once he
finds out that the Book of Mormon is true! We are so excited!
C****r is our sweet little 8 year old investigator. His parents are
both less-active and his mom is very supportive of his desire to be
baptized...his dad needs the spirit to soften his heart just a little
:) But they are really wonderful and we had a great lesson this week
about repentance! (How do you teach repentance to a 9 year old you may
ask? was fun!)
AHH! It was just such a good week. I am so blessed to be a missionary
and to be staying in my area! And....I have been on a mission for 6
months this week!!!!!! 1/3 done. 2/3 to get done. #blessed
#HeIsTheGift #IcantbelieveImusinghashtags #lame

One of our cute less actives R***e!

So I love the Christmas season (duh!) and a family in one of our wards
(the F*******'s) take care of us! They gave us little trees to set up
in our apartment!

A poster I made for one of our ward's Christmas party!

Utah can put anything on a leaf of ice burg lettuce and call it a
salad....they called this an "appetizer salad"! Hahaahaahaa

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