Monday, February 2, 2015

Guess what?! Sister Britton and I have decided to get our Young Womens
medallion while on our missions! We figured it will help boost the
morale of the YW and we are doing service and reading the scriptures
24/7 so we might as well write about it and get a necklace :) hahaaa.
We are super excited.

H***y is going to start attending the Young Single Adult ward!

H*****r has pneumonia. Boooo!


R***e is a cute, spunky 15 year old less-active/recent convert. We
meet with her once a week and encourage her to come to church. She is
super cute. She is dating a boy that is not a member of the church and
she said that she has began to share the gospel with him! So cute. And
she came to church yesterday!!!

Miracle? I have already told Kam about this but I feel like this is a
miracle to share. S****y is the cute young mom that has 3 children.
A***n is 5 and only has 1 leg. Z**y is 3 and was born with a cleft
lip. Her twin sister B******n has a rare form of cancer that only 5
people have ever had in Utah and none of them have survived. She is
developmentally (physically and mentally) about 1 and she doesn't
speak. Recently they went to Wendys and this couple looked at sweet
little B******n and said she was "disgusting" and got up and left.
When S*****y told us this through her tears my heart broke. I have had
my testimony strengthened throughout my life and especially on my
mission about being kind to others. Did this couple know that B******n
has a rare form of cancer? Did they realize that she has been through
countless surgeries just for a slim chance that she might live?  Did
they realize how much her parents love her? Did they realize that this
is the body that Heavenly Father blessed her with? Sometimes we don't
think about what we say but may I caution each of you as you go
throughout your day to see the good in each person because there is
good in everyone. S****y is a less-active member of the church but
every day she prays and thanks her Heavenly Father for her beautiful
children. This is such a lesson to me on gratitude.

I am doing well. I love being a missionary. Love you all!

This is from J****'s baptism!

I call this her diva pose. haha My cute companion Sister Britton.

Pretty Utah. 

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