Monday, February 23, 2015

Thank you Thompson family, Grandma Davis, Grandma and Papa Dodd and
Aunt Pat for the Valentines Day cards! The mail is a little slow so I
just got them but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
It is my beautiful companion, Sister Britton's, birthday this
Saturday!!! So I have began her pre-birthday week celebration.
(Birthday's are a big deal in her family. They celebrate the week
before and the week after)
So our mission is getting Ipads.
We have a "Mobile Device Training" tomorrow so I will find out and let
you all know next week.
This has been a busy week. We had our last exchange this past week. I
got to be with Sister Scotty for a day. She is from a Micronesian
island called Naru. She loves spam and seaweed so for breakfast during
our exchange I made her spam and eggs with seaweed and blueberry
pancakes. She started crying and she told me that none of her
companions had ever cooked for her before. Sister Britton and I love
cooking for one another! It is so fun. They say a mission prepares you
for marriage (insert Sister Dodd rolling her eyes)/
All of our lessons went well this past week. On Saturday we went to
the Stake Women's Conference. The former Salt Lake temple president and
matron spoke (Brother Richard and Sister Kathy Walker), a women's
health doctor spoke(Dr. Robert Jones), Marshall Mcdonald, Steve Nelson
and Julie Nelson all performed and Julie Nelson spoke of how she copes
being married to one of the Piano Guys. It was really powerful.
This week has been good. Transfers are next week so I will let you
know what happens! I hope everyone has a good week.

We went to Primary yesterday and it was so funny!
Teacher: "What sins do we do in our lives?"
Kid: "Swearing in our prayers"
Teacher: "How does Jesus Christ save us?"
Kid 1: "He saves us from jumping off cliffs."
Kid 2: "No! That's Thomas S. Monson."

Sorry that these pictures are old...better than nothing, right?

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