Monday, March 2, 2015

We get our Ipads either this week or next week. I am super nervous but
I guess I have to get over it!
Also, transfer information.....dun dun dun I AM STAYING! And Sister
Britton is staying! It will be another transfer full of exchanges. I
am taking a silent vow to take more pictures this transfer (even if my
face is chubby).
So for the General Womens Broadcast our stake and the surrounding
stakes have been invited to make up the choir for that night. We were
invited, as missionaries, to also join so you might see me in the
choir at the womens broadcast! I know everyone is thinking..."Wait,
Sister Dodd, you don't sing..." I am well aware of this but Sister
Britton is going to help me!
Okay so those are the calender items I have for you today. Other than
that everything is going well. We run into to many amazing people,
both latter-day saints and not, and they teach me; every one of them
has something to teach me. I am growing my testimony and strengthening
my conversion every day.
We ran into a lady yesterday who had her records removed from the
church. She told me that I had a lady with me and she asked if any of
my grandmother's have passed on. I was a little weirded out. But I am
constantly reminded of the help we have in our lives from the other
side. We are all fulfilling missions and that does not stop once we
pass from the life. I am grateful for those who have passed on so that
they can help us in our lives. I love this gospel and the opportunity
it gives me to gain knowledge and understanding.
I have been being a diva lately and so I decided to get a priesthood
blessing of comfort and counsel. The blessing told me that my family
is being taken care of and that I need to focus on the family that I
am creating here while on my mission. I am so grateful for the counsel
I am given daily. I love this gospel. I am grateful to be a

Thank you Teresa and Joe (my dunkin aunt and uncle) for my surprise
care package!

Sister Britton's birthday was a success! She turned 24 which we found
out was a whole box of candles...from now on she will have to buy 2
packs of candles.

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