Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister Masih's birthday was great! She got 3 cakes. Mama and Papa
Forsberg took us out for birthday lunch on Friday and we had district
lunch on Saturday!
We had zone conference this past week and it was so good. And then we
had a mission devotional on Friday night. It was the whole mission's
first time seeing me since I changed my hair and it caused a bit of a
ruckus. Hahaaaa but everyone liked it. Elder Allen of the seventy
spoke to us. He talked about each of our need to repent and then he
talked about 8 questions he wrote down as he read through the New
Testament,that we can ask ourselves to become more like our Savior.
1. What gifts have you given Him?
2. Do all of your sins have a cloak?
3. What are your temptations?
4. What have you forsaken?
5. In what ways do you forsake Him and flee?
6. What spiritual gifts has God given you?
7. If the Savior were to come to you and say, "lovest thou me more
than these?" What would the 'these' be  in your life?
8. What kind of disciple are you?
I was a great time to self-evaluate what I am doing in my life and the
things that I can improve so that I can answer question 8 with honesty
and integrity.
I got my bestfriend Sarah's WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT! Congratulations
Sarah and Cody.
I also got my sweet friend Jessica's Save the Date!!! AHHHHHHH! So cute!
I got both announcements on Friday at the mission devotional so I
spent the majority of the time afterwards walking around and saying
"Hey! Look how cute my friends are!!!!!"
Mi***lle, our 22-yr old investigator, accepted the baptismal date of
April 25th! She is so excited. We are going to begin transitioning her
to a Young Single Adult ward. It is so hard to lose her but I know she
will flourish more with the right support.
Br**n is progressing slowly. Hahaaa. He asked us for our next lesson
to talk about revelation! It was super cool that he requested to learn
about something.
M**ls went to church last Sunday and announced to the Sunday School
class that she is methodist and that she hopes that no one will kick
her out and the teacher said "We definitely will not kick you out but
we might kick you in!" The Relief Society lesson was all about Joseph
Smith. We thought that she wasn't too jazzed about church and then
this past week she texted us and asked if she could come to church
with us again on Sunday?! WHAT?! People should ask me all of the time
if they can come to church with me! We have a lesson scheduled for
this Wednesday so I will let you  know next week how it goes!

Everything with me is great. I am so excited about General Conference
this weekend. We are taking Mi***lle and her fellow shippers to the
Saturday morning session so look out for us!!! And I am excited about
celebrating Easter! I am so blessed. I love being a missionary!

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