Monday, March 9, 2015

We got our iPads on Friday! We are slowly learning how to use them so
Facebook won't come for awhile.
Also, unknown to Sister Britton or I....WE GOT A NEW COMPANION at
transfer meeting on Tuesday. We are now in a trio. Sister Masih is
Samoan, Fijian, and Indian. Her native language is Samoan and she is
from about cultured! She came out at the same time
as I did but we weren't in the M.T.C. together. She just learned
English in the MTC so she still struggles with the language. She is
quiet which isn't a bad thing because Sister Britton and I are both
talkers! Hahaa. It has been quite an adjustment to have 3 of us but
the Lord helps us do hard things!
We are struggling in this area to find investigators. We have loads of
less-active members that need our support and love to come back to
church. We are working with a lot of people.
Yesterday we were able to teach 2 primary (kids 3-11) sharing times
and 1 primary class. We were with little kids all day! For the sharing
time we got to talk about Joseph Smith. It was so amazing. The little
kids are so smart and it is always a great experience to share my
testimony of Joseph Smith. He truly did restore Jesus Christ's gospel
back to the earth. We meet a lot of people who tell us that they can't
agree with us because unlike us they think every church is good. That
is such a big misconception. We do believe that all churches have
truths and have goodness. We claim that this church has the FULLNESS
of truths. That is why I love teaching about Joseph Smith because if
people come to a knowledge of Joseph Smith they will recognize this.
Then in the sunbeams primary class we talked about repentance. They
are so stinking cute but repentance was a hard one for them to fully
understand. Heck I don't even fully understand it! But it is such a
relieving process. A process that I have used, a process that I use
daily and a process that I will continue to use because it makes me
I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I hope you all have a great week.

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