Monday, February 9, 2015

Special shoutout to the Nieslanik family! I got your Christmas present
and I love it! Thank you.
This week was good! CO**OR GOT BAPTIZED! Wahoooooo. He was so cute all
dressed in his suit!
Al**is is progressing so well. We taught her the Plan of Salvation
this past week. She has great questions and she is reading the Book of
Mormon and praying.
J**e and He**y Martinez are doing well. We are still meeting with them
and we are helping them to develop a habit of scripture study. He**y
is on bed rest so we went by on Wednesday and did ALL of her dishes
for her! It took about an hour and a half. If this doesn't give people
a clear idea of how important moms are then I don't know what will.
Are you ready for the miracle of the week?! There is a man named Br**n
in one of our wards who is not a member. His wife, So**a, is and she
teaches primary (the 5 year old children). Br**n goes to church every
week with So**a and helps her teach her primary class. So**a went to
Italy for 3 weeks and Br**n taught her primary class the whole time
she was gone!!!!!! *For those of you who don't know....people that are
not members of the church do not usually volunteer to teach at church*
Anyways over a year ago Br**n was taking lessons from missionaries and
got offended and hasn't trust missionaries since. (drum roll
smart and was raised catholic so we probably have our work cut out for
us but we are excited.
So we got to go to New Beginnings last night (for personal progress)
and Michael and Jeff McLean were there! If you don't know who they are
it is okay because I didn't know either! Hahaaa. Michael is a mormon
composer and singer. He composed "The Forgotten Carols". And his son,
Jeff, is a singer and has performed on Broadway. Anyways it was really
Other than that we have had a really great week. I am blessed in so
many ways. I finished reading the Doctrine and Covenants this past
Also I hear all the time about people coming home from their missions
and knowing how to make a cultural does that mean I have to
learn how to make jello? Gross.
Co**er's Baptism!

My cute companion and I!

On exchanges with Sister Xiong!!!

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