Monday, February 16, 2015

This week was long and exhausting but there were some great miracles.

Al**is, who babysits for members in our area, finally told her
catholic mother that she is meeting with us. Even though her mom isn't
crazy about the church she is supporting Al**is. She wants to be
baptized in March! Yesterday we asked her why she wanted to be
baptized and she said "Because I know that is how I follow Jesus
Christ and I know that is the only way to make it to the temple and I
want to go there someday". OH MY GOSH! Golden. I am so sad that we
have to send her to the Young Single Adults.

A**y and Ry**e and two of our cute young women who are struggling with
their testimonies. So we are doing Personal Progress with them! A**y
came with us to a nursing home that we go to every Monday for a Family
Home Evening. We shared about faith and A**y and her friend Ca***ine
said that they want to go back every week with us! Hahahaa.

Br**n is so wonderful. We had a lesson this week with him where we
taught the beginning of the Plan of Salvation. He is very insightful
and he said that he has been reading a book that has been helping him
understand the Holy Spirit more. We had the great opportunity to tell
him that the Spirit testifies of all truth not only the truth found in
the scriptures. He thought that that was pretty cool.

Those are the miracles from this week. I got to go on exchanges (when
you swap companions for 24 hours) twice this past week. I only have
one more exchange to go on this week and then I will be done for the
transfer! Hahaaa. Valentines Day as a missionary....EVERY ONE IS ON
DATE! So the struggle was real. But Sister Britton and I bought one
another matching gold shoes for V.D. so that was pretty exciting.

We were driving past a little kid's lemonade stand and Sister Britton
said, "It is so hard to pay for lemonade in Utah because the parents 

aren't looking I pass the kid a duck--I mean a bollar. Ugh! I mean a buck
or a dollar! Hahaaa I hope everyone has a great week. I love being a missionary!

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