Monday, October 20, 2014

Just a quick little update this week!

Happy Birthday to my dad this week!! I love you daddy, I hope you have
a great day!! :)
between K******* and R****** they have 7 kids and all of them are with
them every other weekend and this weekend happened to be the weekend
that everyone was there. They are the best, none of them had church
clothes so they spent half of Saturday running around and buying
everyone church clothes. AHHHHH! Sister Brown and I went over like 45
minutes prior to church to help them get ready and out the door and
everyone was awake and getting ready! R****** was ironing everyones
clothes and K******* was doing J**** and A***'s hair. It was pure
bliss (...and chaos!) hahahaa. But we got to church a little bit after
the 9 o clock sacrament started and I cannot tell you how wonderful it
was just to have them at church. Then they decided to leave after but
they really enjoyed it and K**** and J**** decided to stay and go to
class with their friends! Gosh they make me feel like a proud mama!!
Hahaa. So that was this week's miracle.
Sweet, beautiful, crazy L**** is so wonderful. She has been asking me
to bring pictures of my family for her to see and I finally did
yesterday and she kissed every picture! I love her.
T****** is going through some family-craziness but we have planned for
a lesson at temple square tomorrow and I am so excited! Nothing
invites the spirit like the temple!! <3
I am so blessed to be serving a mission. I love being able to receive
letters and emails from my mom and dad and Kamee and my grandma and
papa and my dunkin girls, and all of my sweet friends and from some of
my missionaries from my home ward. I am so blessed every day. Thank
you all for making me feel like the most important missionary out
here! I love you. Have a great week!

This is me with the cutest little dog...besides Princess! 

And that would be the coolest Halloween decorated house! 

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