Monday, April 20, 2015

One proud Sister!!

This is Kamee (Lauren's sister). I wanted to share a couple special experiences that my parents and I were able to have this weekend. When missionaries are called to serve an LDS mission, one of the sacrifices is to go without seeing their family. My parents and I had the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake City for the weekend...meaning we were in the same city that Lauren is in right now! It was extremely hard to be obedient to the mission rules and not see Sister Dodd. She gave us a few people's contact information of special people in which she wanted us to meet. We decided to stop by one of the member's homes who graciously opens their home for sister missionaries to live. They showed us where Lauren lived for a while, and shared with us some amazing stories. After that, we went to a member's home in her current area. She also had many stories to share of the gentleness and kindness that Lauren has shown to her family. She talked about the sweet spirit that Lauren carries with her, and her happy and contagious personality. She was amazed with Sister Dodd's ability to love everyone. The entire time I couldn't help but to think about how proud I am of my sister. She has made many sacrifices to be on a mission, and the Lord is truly blessing her. He's helping her to touch the lives of so many people. We often miss her and hope that she is doing well. Hearing from these people confirmed to us the hard work that she is putting forth. I miss her, but I know that she is exactly where she is supposed to be right now.

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