Monday, August 17, 2015

Such a great week!

This week was great! No one was baptized but we were able to visit
with a lot of our investigators!
Sister Carlson left this morning and drove down to Salt Lake, tomorrow
morning she will be flying to Florida. Tomorrow I will get my new
companion and begin my 11th transfer as a missionary! Time is going by
so quickly. I am excited to see the people that I will meet, the
trials that I will go through and the experiences that will shape me
this next transfer.
D**ian's dad gave us the okay to set a date for Dam**n to be baptized
so I'm super stoked! In the next couple of weeks D**ian will be
getting baptized! Whoop whoop!
This past Friday we got to go to the Jordan River temple for Sister
Carlson's departing missionary temple trip and we had K*te drive us
down. On the way we picked up K*te's boyfriend, D**iel and we drove
down to the temple. The temple session was usual. Then
TEMPLE! Of course Sister Carlson and I knew that it was coming
(because D*niel told us) but it was still so beautiful! Marriage is
one of the most beautiful promises that we can make in this life. It
is amazing that people are willing to commit themselves to each other
and to God for both the rest of their lives and for the rest of
We had an awesome lesson with our investigator D*n, who was in the
Marines and doesn't feel worthy to go to church. We took a recent
convert, J*hn, from the Elder's area who was also in the Marines and
didn't feel worthy to go to church.  Jo*n investigated the church for
26 years before he joined. We went into D*n's home and immediately him
and J*hn hit it off! J*hn was following the spirit because he said
everything that D*n needed to hear! Hopefully the lesson this week
with D*n is good and he gets his butt to church!
I just love the blessing of teaching! Every day I am able to talk
about the truths of the gospel and the more that I teach the more I
recognize of it's truthfulness. Missions convert missionaries. 18, 19,
20 year old boys and girls go on missions to convert themselves to the
gospel and once they are converted they can convert those that are
seeking the truth.
I love my mission. I love every day waking up and putting on my name tag.

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