Monday, August 10, 2015

Thankful for Sister Carlson!

This week was awesome!
A*y's first new member lesson went well. So I have to backtrack for
this story to make sense. The first week that N**hi and A*y came to
church I looked down at Ne**i's feet when he was sitting down at
church and he had taken off his shoes (if you haven't figured it out
yet, Ne**i is like a kid!) and guess what kind of "church socks" he
was wearing? FUZZY PINK TOE SOCKS. A forty-ish year old man was
wearing fuzzy pink striped toe socks and he called them his "church
socks". Now that you know the back story guess what N**hi and A*y gave
us as a present this week? They gave Sister Carlson and I 8 pairs of
church socks. Hahahaaa. I love them so much!
WE FOUND A NEW INVESTIGATOR! Well technically the elders found him for
us. His name is Ant**ny and he is in his 30s. He grew up as a musician
and he has had a super hard time throughout his life. He said that he
has reached a point in his life when he wants to change and he knows
that will only happen through Jesus Christ. AHHHHHH HE'S SO AWESOME! I
am grateful that the Lord is blessing us as we are striving to be
strictly obedient.
J**on is back on our radar. He has been having a really hard time
lately and he has been cancelling our lessons. So this past week when
he cancelled we stopped by the next day and had a lesson with him. His
countenance was completely different from when he was going to church
and meeting with us every week. He was bitter and angry and complained
to us for about an hour. My heart broke. It literally broke. I sound
like a broken record because I always say this but when you put
Heavenly Father first, He takes care of you. Some of those blessings
are not seen right away and some won't be seen until the next life but
He always takes care of you. We bore our testimonies to J**on about
the importance of reading his scriptures, praying and going to church.
We told him if he did these things he would be happier. We didn't
promise that he would be blessed with lots of money and nice cars and
a fancy house but we promised that he would be happy. Money provides
us with security which makes us happy but it does not provide us with
lasting happiness.
This is Sister Carlson's last week as a missionary! I am so grateful
for her and the things that she has taught me. I am grateful that we
have been not only companions but friends. The Lord never ceases to
amaze me; He places people in our lives that He knows that we need. We
don't always want some people in our lives but we need them. I am
grateful that Sister Carlson and I have learned first hand that
obedience brings blessings. I am grateful to be a missionary and to be
able to share my testimony every day. I love you all! Have a great

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