Monday, December 7, 2015

Last week!

This week was awesome! I was able to go on exchanges in Lyman. We had
an appointment set with this lady named Ha**ah. When we went by she
said that she just got her baby to bed so now wasn't a good time.
Turns out she is the sister of a lady we are teaching in Rock Springs.
As we made small talk on the porch she eventually said that we could
come in and we started talking to her. Her baby, Lu**s, has major
heart problems and has underwent many surgeries. Every time they have
a check up they find another surgery that he needs to have. Ha**ah
opened up and told us about how she blames God. She said that she
knows that God can't control other peoples actions but her baby was
born with a lot of health complications and that was because God made
him that way. We let her just talk and vent to us for about 10 minutes
or so. The Spirit was strong inside of me. I told her that L**as is
perfect. He has no flaws. He is one of God's choicest children. We on
the other hand are blessed with these beautiful children so that we
can learn. I don't remember exactly what the Spirit told me to say but
I remember that it was all the words that God needed Han**h to hear.
She started to cry.
Fast forward to my return to Rock Springs, We went to visit Ha**ah's
sister and she wasn't home but her mom was. We ended up talking to
their mom for an hour. After I mentioned going to Lyman earlier in the
week she talked about how she knew it was me! She opened up about what
a blessing I have been to her daughters. She said that H**nah had been
struggling a lot and that she posted on FB about the sister
missionaries coming over and being exactly what she needed and she
wrote about my comment of Lu**s being perfect. Apparently it was this
big FB thing. Anyways D**tiny and Ha**ah's mom talked about God
answering prayers.
Moral of this story is not to brag about me being helpful everywhere I is to illustrate that God works in mysterious ways. There are
no such things as coincidences and as we have the Spirit, Heavenly
Father can use us as tools in His hands.
I love this gospel! I love being a missionary!

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