Monday, July 14, 2014

A week of miracles!

As usual, missions are full of miracles. This week WE FOUND OUR FIRST INVESTIGATOR!!!!! His name is B*** and he is great. He is just visiting until April. He's from Colorado and is just doing some work out here. He agreed to have us come over and teach him more about the gospel. L**** is this sweet lady that we've dropped by a few times and finally asked if we could teach her the lessons as practice for me (because I'm new) and so this week we taught her about the Restoration and the spirit was so strong. She told us that the members are what caused her to leave the church. It amazes me how much and how easily I love the people here. M heart hurts when I hear the stories of how they turned away from this wonderful gospel. She called us her "sweet girls" this week. We told her we loved her and she said she loved us back.
A****** and S**** are THE BEST! They're the couple that had us over for the 4th of July. So Sister Unrast and I had to give talks and so Saturday night during planning I had the thought to invite them to hear us speak! So we ran out really quickly (don't fret, it was before 9) and invited them. But they weren't home so we put a sticky note on their door that said, "Hey, we're speaking tomorrow in church and we need people to make funny faces at s while we speak." Well considering how I am not good at building up suspense...THEY CAME TO CHURCH! They had not been to the 2nd ward in (this maybe a rumor but we've heard) 26 years! They came for us. They love us. So we stopped by later that night and shared a message with them on the Atonement and we got to play with their adorable little 15 month old grandson! They sent us on our merry way with pear sauce (like applesauce but with pears, duh!), tamales (Mom, you would be jealous), and lots of Gatorade (because it's supposed to be 100+ and they don't want us getting dehydrated.) They are so funny!
Our sweet little J*** turned 8 this week! So we were able to go to her baptism yesterday. Nothing brings me such instant peace than hearing little kids singing songs. The S********* family are our saving grace. They brought us with to get sno-cones the first week we were here and have been the smiles we need on tough days ever since!
We are so blessed here. I feel my love growing for the people of the Parleys Stake so much. I love feeling God's love for the people here. Also, I HIT MY MONTH MARK LAST FRIDAY (JULY 11TH)! I have been away from home for a month...crazy!!!
Also, because I have been serious this whole time I will give you a little taste of the humor I enjoy daily. I will share my favorite thing Elder Wilcox (the senior missionary in the Parleys Stake) said this week. We were doing 2 truths and a lie at district meeting as our getting to know each other portion and guess what his 2 truths and 1 lie were...
*He was next to the cutest girl at the Storehouse yesterday.
*He is the fastest runner in his ward.
*His passion is fast girls and fancy cars.
HAHAHAAHAHA He cracks me up!
Sister Lauren Dodd
Sister Unrast and I.



We've been building a fence the past 3 Saturday's in the morning/afternoon. So...since I have gotten into the field I've had over 10 blisters. -_-

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