Monday, July 21, 2014

Just a few updates this week...

I have a mission-wide trek tomorrow. Tell mom and dad and make sure to have a good laugh about it trekking with handcart...I definitely thought that dream ended the last time I did a trek for youth conference. Sadly, I will yet again experience a woman's pull. Hahaha. But it will be a nice time to bond as a mission...with handcarts...and while sweating. 
B*** is AWESOME! We had a lesson last week about the Restoration and I invited him to be baptized! I DID! Well...the spirit invited him but it was so cool that the spirit worked through me to help me to know what to say. I could feel of God's love for him. He agreed and we will be working to prepare him to enter the waters of baptism in later August. We have a lesson with him tonight so stay tuned to find out what happens next week!!
L**** is so special. We met with her again this week and shared with her the Plan of Salvation. She has a lot of concerns about people getting into heaven that shouldn't be there. She is a lady full of feelings and she has lots of opinions (...she sounds a lot like me with that description!). She called us her sweet girls again. She loves us and Heavenly Father loves her!!...And we love her of course!!
A****** and S**** are the best! We stopped by this week with some cookies and a birthday card for S****! He always jokes that he's catholic so we displayed our amazing artwork and drew a nice catholic cross on his card (sorry if that is sacrilegious!) They always make us feel at home and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for them!
Also this week we had dinner with the S******** family. They are Sister Unrast and I's saving grace on hard days. They have 4 little girls who are all just darling and they are the comic relief that everyone should have. On another note I had my first 2 dinners this week that I have had to choke down. Didn't think that would happen. Cold soup one night and mushy squash salads another night. That was rude and proves to you all that I am in fact still human! Hahaha 
We are taken care of out here. My thoughts and prayers often go out to those back home and family other places. I think of how blessed I am to have this gospel and how it binds families together. I share my beliefs every day and I just hoped I would have been better back at home. The Savior and the Atonement change lives. I see it every day.

All my love, Sister Lauren Ashley Dodd

"I pray that each of us will be a little more kind, a little more thoughtful, a little more courteous. I pray that we will keep our tongues in check and not let anger prompt words which we would later regret. I pray that we may have the strength to turn the other cheek, to walk the extra mile in lifting up the feeble knees of those in distress." -President Gordon B. Hinckley

"Sister Unrast never takes smiley pictures with me! She is a nut just like me. Thank the Lord."

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