Monday, July 28, 2014

My trek through Wyoming!

My week was good but long. You never know how needed P-days are until you don't have one and have an all day trek the next day! The trek was last Tuesday. So we had to be at the mission office at 6:30 in the morning and we didn't arrive back at our house until 9:30 at night...making it a very long day! Hahaa. Buses took us to Wyoming (where the trek was) and each district was assigned a handcart. Yes...a handcart. We trekked about 8 miles throughout the course of the day which doesn't seem like much until you realize how hilly Wyoming is!! Hahaha. And we had a womens pull (which helped us imagine what it was like when the men were enlisted to the mormon battalion or when the fathers passed away) which was up a hill and it involved 4 sisters (Sister Unrast and I were in the front and Sister Day and Sister McArter were in the back) and another sister had to SIT IN THE CART as we pulled it up the hill. It was hard and super spiritual. We had a little taste of what the pioneers had to go through except they did it with children and they didn't have good shoes and it wasn't just up ONE hill. It was the entire 1400 miles! The elders were told to stand at the top of the hill and act as if they were on the other side of the veil. They weren't allowed to help us and were told to look at us as if we were their mothers, sisters, wives or daughters. The elders were in tears just as much as the sisters. 

B*** is wonderful! We went by last week and he had read Alma 32 and he asked Sister Unrast, Sister R***** (member), and I what drew us to the gospel and why we lived this way. It was a great opportunity to share that this gospel is not a church to go to on Sunday but a way to live our lives. It is a way to gain a relationship with our Father in Heaven and be a better person.
L**** is so great. We had a great talk with her yesterday about the gospel of Jesus Christ: faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and enduring to the end. I always start crying as I share with them how much God loves them. He does. I can feel it. I can feel his love surging through me. I can feel his desire for them to come back to him. We invited L**** to come to church with us next Sunday and she said yes!
The P****** are our saving grace. We were tracting on Saturday and guess who pulled up behind us? The P******. They asked us to come get hamburgers with them! Hahaa we ended up going to McDonalds (our favorite!) and then they drove us up to "This is the Place" Monument and we walked around and we talked about the pioneers and then they took us on a tour around the University of Utah campus. It is HUGE! They wanted us to become more familiar with Utah! Hahaha they are the cutest. They make our days! Of course their sweet little grandson was along for the ride! We love them.
My days can be long here but the weeks are short. I am already on week 6 in the mission field. Can you believe it? This gospel and its teachings make me a better person every day. I love everyone back home. You are always in my prayers.
"Humility is essential to the acquiring of spiritual knowledge. To be humble is to be teachable" -Richard G. Scott

Elder Wilcox moment of the week: We were driving and Sister Wilcox said "don't hit the dip" (referring to the dip in the road) and Elder Wilcox said "I wasn't going to hit you"! hahahaa.

Sister Unrast smeared whipped cream in Sister Xiong's face after
Sister Xiong said Sister Unrast had frizzy hair. hahahaa

We had exchanges this week and of course they day I was there was the
day we woke up to a flat tire! Just my luck :) So Sister Pahulu and I
took selfies while we waited for the district leaders. 

Thanks Elders! :)

Crazy picture of the week!

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