Monday, August 4, 2014

A few new changes!

For those of you who don't know, transfers happen every 6 weeks and
you have the possibility of getting transferred to another place. So I
have officially made it through my first transfer! Sister Unrast and I
are staying here together and instead of covering half of a stake we
will now be covering the whole stake with Sister Case so we will be in
a trio. I am SO nervous to cover 7 wards but I know the Lord will
This past week we went to a luau for one of our wards and they have
some tongan family members so they put on this awesome performance
where they sang and danced and explained what all of their songs meant
and it was so spiritual and cool! Sister Unrast and I decided that
we're marrying Polynesian guys!! Hahaaa
L**** is awesome! We invited her to come to church last week but there
was a miss-communication so we're hoping she'll come next week! She
opened up this week about her family and bragged about her grand kids
(typical proud grandmother! hahaaa).
The P****** are the best. We ran into them a few times this week and
talked about their lives and played with their sweet grandson Junior!
We didn't get to meet with B*** this week because his wife was in town
from Colorado. But we have a lesson with him tomorrow and we're going
to try to do a church tour with a family in the ward, the R******, who
have been fellowshipping B***.
K**** is a guy that we always run in to as we're walking around
because he's always sitting outside reading. He is a professor at the
U so a lot of his students have talked to him about serving missions
and the gospel. We have planned to meet with him on Thursday and we're
super excited!
Last Sunday a sweet lady in one of our wards passed away so we are
going to a funeral today. As missionaries we expect to leave people
but we don't expect them to leave us. Hug your loved ones and tell
them you love them!
All my love, Sister Lauren Dodd!!!

Loving my new shirt, and headwrap. Thanks Kam!

Officially done with my first planner! Holllllla!

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