Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For anyone who received an email from me today (Tuesday) I am not
being rebellious. We had zone conference yesterday and so our
preparation day was moved to today. Do you know what that means? I GOT
TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS MORNING! The temple is a place like no other.
We went to the Jordan River temple as a zone. It was AWESOME! If you
haven't been to the temple in awhile, PLEASE GO. God is waiting to
bless you.
So this week was good except for the fact that I'm sick. All I want to
do is get cold medicine and  orange juice and hot chocolate and bundle
up in my bed. But I am a missionary and missionaries don't do that :)
I am so blessed to be on this mission and to have met all the people I
have and to have the opportunity every day to grow my relationship
with my Heavenly Father. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints! LOVE IT.
L**** is fabulous and she is just like a grandma to us. We love her.
She has agreed to come to church with us but we have yet to find a
Sunday that is good for her. I can feel how much God loves her and
wants to bless her but she has to have faith enough to get her booty
to church first!
G***** is apparently a zen-Buddhist. He is not what we expected. He
asked A LOT of questions about the church and asked our views on women
not having the priesthood. Let's just say it was not the lesson that
Sister Unrast and I had planned but we have an appointment to go back
and have another lesson with him and hopefully we'll be able to talk
about the restoration! :)
B*** is a super star! He makes things too easy on us. He asks for
scriptures to read throughout the week. But he has yet to make it a
priority to be at church. I wish he understood the importance of
partaking the sacrament and starting every week by renewing your
baptismal covenants...that being said I think I know what his next
lesson will be!! Hahahaa.
The P*****s make every week a little better! I love them. But...they
need to go to church too! hahaaa.
I am so blessed to be able to serve here and be with Sister Unrast. I
am so blessed to have faith in my savior Jesus Christ and see how his
life changes mine. I hope everyone has a rockin week and comes a
little bit closer to Heavenly Father.
Elder Wilcox moment:
He made pancakes again this week and he found out I had a truck back
home...so he made me a truck pancake!!! Hahahaa

And here are some classic Unrast/Dodd selfies!! Hahahaa

Those are our zone leaders. Elder Ramirez and Elder Sirmans.

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