Monday, August 11, 2014

No longer a trio!

So, last week I mentioned that we were putting the Parleys stake back
together and that we were becoming a trio...I didn't lie! But on
Thursday we got a call that told us to come pick up another sister
because the Lord was mad at them for recombining the stake. Hahahaa so
Sister Bates and Sister Case are now companions and cover wards 1, 3,
5, and half of 7. And Sister Unrast and I are still together (thank
goodness!) and we cover 2, 4,6 and the other half of 7. There is so
much that goes into splitting a stake, this week has been a headache.
But let's not relive the trauma of this past week! All 4 of us had to
give talks in the 7th ward yesterday...yes that means I talked in
front of about 800 people. I will never again complain about giving a
talk in church! and also we left for church at 8:30 yesterday and we
weren't done with all of our wards and meetings until 5:30. 9 hours.
NINE HOURS OF CHURCH! So I will never complain about going to church
for 3 hours either! Hahaha. I am just getting called to repentance all
the time. It's great :)
Sister Unrast and I got invited on a double date this week. HAHHAAHAA.
B***: IS AWESOME! We went on a church tour with him and his
fellowshippers, the R******, came with. We talked about the Atonement
and sacrament and we invited him to begin attending church! He agreed
but he was out of town yesterday for his anniversary. But he informed
us that he looked up LDS churches back home that he could go to. Then
he told us that there were 14 bars and 14 churches in his hometown and
that they have different hours they are open so that he can attend
both! Hahahahaa.
K****: The H***** (which are the SWEETEST family in the 2nd ward) went
with us to teach K**** about the restoration. It was interesting. I
think he may be too smart for his own good. He overthinks everything
and is really just interested in learning about what we believe in.
L****: Oh my heavens I love this lady! We helped her clean out her
brother's apartment because he is going into assisted living. She was
so appreciative and it was fun!
G*****: So he is probably in his 30s and he is a bartender at a
country club and a writer. We've stopped by G*****'s house before and
just chatted with him and we went by this week just to check up and he
said "So when can you set up an appointment with me to teach
me?"....for those of you that are not familiar with missionary work
here; THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Hahaha so we have an appointment with him
for Wednesday!
Life is full of the Lord's tender mercies. This week was hard
(especially since Sister Unrast and I are not eating sugar this
month!) but the Lord blesses us every day! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!

We Love Sunny Days!!!

We Love Twinning!

Elder Wilcox moment of the week: So we have lunch with the Wilcox's
every Thursday for planning. On Wednesday Elder Wilcox asked what I
wanted for lunch and I said a knuckle sandwich...well this is what I
got!!!! HAHAHAAA. He said "I could barely sleep last night because I
was so excited to make this for you!!!!"

(Also, can you tell how much I miss Princess with how many pictures I
take with dogs?!)

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