Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's been a crazy week!

So this week has been CRAZY!
J*** is an investigator that when I first came into this area was
super busy so we couldn't meet until this past week. So Thursday we
had a lesson with him. And the first thing that he said was I have
good news and bad news...(that is never something you want to hear as
a missionary...except in this case! hahaa). So he told us the bad news
and then he told us to guess the good news...well to make this story
shorter...the good news was that HE DECIDED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!! And
they had asked him to pray about November 29th so we asked him about November 29th
and he asked if it could be sooner....HE IS GETTING
M**** is the sweetest thing since hoho's were invented! She is so
excited about her baptism! We went with her and her family to temple
square this past Friday! It was so spiritual and amazing. So M****'s
brother G**** who is 13 and who is coming back to church said
yesterday that he wants to go on a mission!!!!
We got to visit A** this week and she is still going to her psychic.
Hahahaa. She is a nut but she is going to try to come to church soon!
H**** is our sweet 97 year old investigator! Hahaa she is crazy and
sweet and she loves when we come over and read the Book of Mormon but
every time we ask her if she wants to be baptized she says "Oh hunny
don't push this" hahaha. She is adorable. She had a stroke last Sunday
but she is quickly recovering.

This week was great...it was my birthday! Do you know how many
birthday packages and letters and phonecalls I got?! SO MANY!
Thank you to my Mom, Dad, Nathan, Boo, Kamee, Sarah, Grandma Davis,
Grandma and Papa Dodd, Aunt Karen and Uncle Brad and Justin, Aunt Pat,
Sister Unrast, Elder and Sister Wilcox, my dunkin babies, and all
those who wrote or emailed me. I had a great week full of surprises!
THANK YOU to everyone.
Also this week I walked into a members home and he looked at my
nametag and said "Nice to meet you Sister Dodo" HAHAHAAAHAA Then he
looked at it again and said "Wait...is that how you say it?" And I
corrected him and he was embarrassed...well that turned out to be
STEVE NELSON the chellist from The Piano Guys. CRAZY! He was so nice
and he apologized and his wife gave us some cds! hahaaa.
And we taught M****'s family about the Plan of Salvation a little
while ago and when we were over at their house G**** was sitting on a
basketball and commented on how it hurt his butt and his dad said
"sitting on a basketball is the seating in the telestial kingdom"
It was a great week. I love being a missionary. I am so blessed to
have such a wonderful support system of friends and family. You all
make me feel like the most important missionary of all time.
Also...this week marks me being on a mission for 5 months! 13 to go :)
All of my love, Sister Lauren Dodd

Thanks Grandma Davis! 

Sarah's birthday package to me with all of her candy puns! Haha so cute!

Classic Sister Dodd selfie! 

Thanks to Kam for my "birthday in a box!"

Thanks to my family for my 21 birthday presents!

Me in birthday shock!

Sister Talbert drowning in my birthday balloons! Hahahaa

M****'s family (the M*****'s) at temple square...super bad picture quality sorry!

Me and my cute companion Sister Talbert!

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