Monday, July 13, 2015

Another fantastic week!

(Go to the kitchen and fill a beautiful glass with some chocolate
milk. Lift it up) Cheers to another fantastic week as a missionary!
This week went by so quickly but it was full of lots of miracles!
First: our investigator Sh**on came to church!!!!!! She is super busy
with her life and she was able to switch shifts yesterday and come to
all three hours of church! It was awesome! Our ward mission leader
introduced her in front of everyone which made her nervous! She had
lots of questions about the sacrament, the temple and baptism. Three
things that I love to answer questions about!
Second: A*Y IS SO CLOSE TO GETTING BAPTIZED! The lesson this week we
taught about baptism and confirmation and the priesthood. We brought a
recent convert that is A*y's age. We had the recent convert talk about
her conversion story and share a little bit about her baptism. When we
asked A*y how she felt she said, "It just makes me so excited for my
Third: We called a member in the bishopric and he didn't answer and we
were listening to his voicemail and it said, "Hi this is ____ ___
sorry I couldn't come to the phone right now but if you leave me your
name, a short message, and your favorite color I will get back to you
soon"! Hahahaaa everyone's voicemail should demand a favorite  color.
So on the voicemail Sister Carlson left a message and finished it
with, "....our favorite color is baptism---I mean blue!" Hahahaaa.
Fourth: There was a couple that hasn't been to church in YEARS that we
have been visiting. The wife really wants to start coming back to
church but the husband is being less than supportive....Well, guess
who was at church on Sunday? Both of them. A happy wife is a happy
Anyways, everything is going so well. We are studying integrity this
month as a mission and it is one of those attributes that everyone has
to go to the dictionary for a definition. I read one of the best talks
by D. Todd Christofferson titled, "Let Us Be Men". Everyone should
read that talk. I love that Heavenly Father placed us on this earth to
both get a body and to gain experience. I am grateful that He promises
us that we can become like Him! It will take a lot of hard work but
all good things in life take hard work.

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