Monday, July 6, 2015

Thankful for blessings!

I hope that everyone had a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
This week has been lots of hard work but it has also been so fun! For
the 4th of July we played flag football with Young Men, then we
contacted in the afternoon and then we went to the cute Ra**er
family's house for dinner! Then we went to a returning-member's house
and we had SMORES and roasted starbursts! Let's all take a moment to
recognize the genius that made smores. Then Sister Carlson and I went
home, got in our jammies and watched the fireworks from our backyard.
It was so fun!
We didn't pick up any new investigators this week but A*y told us that
she is going to set a date to be baptized! Her and her less-active
husband have been working with the bishop on getting him ready to
baptize her!
I have been so distracted the past transfer. I have always had dying
companions (companions that are going home within the next couple
months) but it hasn't hit me until this transfer because I hit a year
and my time is slowly getting close to the end. It was so helpful to
go to the temple and get a spiritual reboot but I was still having
lots of thoughts about home and my future. The past couple of weeks I
have been having this feeling to get a priesthood blessing but I have
put it off with excuses "I don't want to bother the elders", "I don't
even have a reason to get one", "I don't need to, I'm just being a
baby". On Saturday I woke up with a bad headache and it kept getting
worse. I tried drinking a ton of water, I rubbed my temples, I tried
my pressure points, I even broke down and took some advil....NOTHING
HELPED! Finally I told Sister Carlson to call the elders and ask them
when they could give me a blessing. AS SOON AS SHE CALLED THE ELDERS
THE HEADACHE STOPPED. I'm not even kidding. Heavenly Father really
wanted me to get a blessing. Elder Thompson gave me a blessing that
afternoon; it was God speaking exactly to me. It was amazing. He
answered EVERY question and concern that I had been having. He told
me, among other things, that I was in Rock Springs for a reason and I
needed to give my mission my all so that I could find all the people
that need me. I know that mission's end and that I will eventually
return home but until then I am working on giving the Lord everything.
Elder Thompson said, "If you are still breathing, you have more to
give". I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows what a
poor listener I am and knows when He needs to talk directly to me.
I am grateful beyond words for the blessing of this gospel in my life.
I am grateful for the good examples that are around me. I am most of
all grateful for my Savior who provides me a way back to live with my
family and my Father in Heaven.
Have a great week!

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