Monday, June 29, 2015

Crazy week!

This week was crazy! My head has been going in circles since I came to
Rock Springs and Heavenly Father always knows what I need. On Thursday
morning we got to drive down to Salt Lake to go to the temple and for
zone conference. We made arrangements to stay with members in my last
area (the Forsbergs!). On Thursday Sister Forsberg took us to
Johnniebeefs (the Chicago hot dog place in SL), then I got to go see
Mi**s! It was so good to see her and she invited herself to eat dinner
with us that evening! Then we got to help the Forsbergs get their
house ready for their son to come home from his mission (TODAY!).
Then, per Sister Carlson's request, we had Zupas for dinner. M**ls had
the chance to unload everything that has been going on and that has
been stressful for her. It was a testimony builder that this church is
so true because the devil is working so hard on M**ls to get her to
turn away from the church. In my Dad's letter this week he mentioned
that he thinks I was moved out of the Cottonwood stake so that Mi**s
would have an opportunity to learn, grow, and be able to stand on her
own two feet. I am so thankful that the Lord has a plan for each of
us. Although it is quite frustrating that I am so unsure at what his
plan is for me I know that He gives us line upon line, precept on
precept. The Lord will let us know in His timing what we need to know.
As I went to the Jordan River temple on Thursday night I felt peace
that I have not felt in a long time. The stress of mission life and
the stress of life in general seemed to disappear. As I sat in my
white clothing and was reflecting on all of the feelings that I had
been experiencing I just felt an overwhelming spirit come over me and
it told me that everything was  going to be fine. I am so grateful for
the spirit. I am grateful for my family and the love and the support
that they give me while I am crazy and freaking out. I am grateful
most of all for a loving Father that is in Heaven that watches over
each one of His children and at times when the world seems to be
taking over our lives HE steps in.
I love this gospel! I love being a missionary. And I am grateful for
maple bacon doughnuts.

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