Monday, June 15, 2015

Great things happening!

Irish's baptism got rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday.
We added a new family of investigators this week! Their last name is
Portillo, which made me crave a hot dog! We knocked on their door and
got invited into their home and the dad, Ma**in, speaks some English,
the mom, Yes**ia, doesn't speak any English, and the sons, Chri**ian
and A**el, speak English and Spanish. Ma**in told us about how he had
had some doctrinal concerns in the last church that they attended and
that were taking a break until they found a new church. Ma**in also
talked about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and how they all
want us to live together with them. He talked about how they believe
that the only way to get to God is through Jesus Christ and that he
heard that Mormons worship the prophet Mormon. It was so amazing
because the things that he asked about and the told us that they
believed were exactly the message that we share. We were able to
testify that God loves them, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses
families, and that prophets teach us what God would have us follow and
that we respect prophets but we don't worship them. It was so amazing
to see how prepared this sweet family was. They don't have Spanish
speaking missionaries in Wyoming so we will have to bring a translator
next time we go! He told us that they do things as a family and the
two sons are going out of town to visit family and so we will have a
lesson with them in a few weeks! Stay tuned...
A*y B**er is one of our investigators. Her husband is a member who is
starting to come back to church. They are in their 30's and they are
so fun to be around. The funny part of this whole thing is that the
missionaries tried stopping by and teaching A*y a year ago but they
got chased away. Okay, it isn't funny that they got chased away but it
is God's plan that A*y needed an extra year to prepare to take the
lessons. It just proves to me that people are always being prepared
for the next steps in their lives. It is amazing to look at the
spiritual progression that A*y is making. I know that I am here to
help her and that she is here to help me. I grow so much from teaching
others about the gospel. I feel like I take away so much more than
those that I teach. I am constantly learning and growing and finding
out my dependence on my Father in Heaven.
Also I hit my year mark this week. I have officially been a missionary
for a year. A whole year of my life, gone, in the service of my fellow
brothers and sisters. I keep hearing that the last 6 months are the
most spiritual and also fly by the fastest. Time sure does fly when
you're having fun! I am loving my mission and I will continue to serve
with all of my heart, mind and strength. There is nothing that I could
have done with this past year that would have eternally changed me as
my mission has. I love you all! Have a great week.

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