Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I hope that all the hard working daddy's had a good Father's day
yesterday. As I sat in church and listened to the talks on fathers it
made me realize how truly blessed I am. I have a great dad (and I have
a great mom) I have amazing uncles. I have 2 amazing grandfathers. I
have had great examples of men that honor their priesthood and that
have great respect for women and for their family. I am grateful most
of all for the greatest father, my Father in Heaven.
I**sh was not baptized on Saturday. He feels like he isn't ready and
that his testimony isn't where it should be. He agreed to go through
the lessons with us to build his testimony!
This week was slower. We didn't add any new investigators but we were
able to have lots of good quality lessons.
A*y is the best! This past week we had a lesson with A*y and her
husband and his 3 kids were in town from Minnesota. Towards the end of
the lesson we heard an ice cream truck and N**hi JUMPED up and said
"AN ICE CREAM TRUCK?! A*y can I get ice cream please please please
please" Then he skipped to the ice cream truck and we all got ice
cream. HAhaaahaa. I am sure you had to be there to fully appreciate a
40+ year old man jumping up and begging his wife to let him get ice
cream from the ice cream truck!
In our district meeting this past week my district leader, Elder
Thompson, gave a training on developing Christ-like attributes. I
decided that I would work on developing greater faith. I know that
having faith in our Savior will lead us to having greater happiness
and greater trust in God and in his timing.
I love you all!

For those of you that would like to write me, my new address is:

Sister Lauren Dodd
180 Pollux Drive
Rock Springs, WY 82901

I cut my hair!!!

We love crazy pics!

District hike from a few weeks ago!

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