Friday, July 31, 2015

Awesome Week!

Sorry that last week's entry was so short; we had a total of about 20
minutes to email.
My mom, sister and grandma passed through Rock Springs on their way to
Rexburg (for Kam's graduation) and dropped off a basket for me. Thanks mama, 
grandma and boo.
My week has been awesome! A*y is going to be baptized this Saturday,
August 1st! We got to do service and wash all 4 of our High Priest
Group Leader's cars! We also have been working super hard on finding
new people to teach. Elder Thompson gave a training on Friday at
district meeting about finding and we all shared what has been our
most successful way of finding new people to teach. Obedience is the
best way to find! Heavenly Father always blesses us as we show Him
that we are willing to follow the things he asks us to do. This week
Sister Carlson and I are going to focus on being strictly obedient! We
know that the Lord will bless us.
Yesterday we were able to teach Elders Quorum! We got to teach from
the talk, "Fatherhood--Our Eternal Destiny" by Larry M. Gibson.
Obviously we were pros at teaching about fatherhood! It was awesome to
hear all the men's comments about how they find opportunities to teach
their children about the gospel every day. The talk also talked about
how appreciating womanhood helps men to be better fathers and
husbands. All guys should read that talk.
I am impressed every day as I have experiences that test my faith and
grow my testimony. I have the blessing every day to stand up for what
I believe in. At the youth fireside that we got to speak at yesterday
there was a young woman that shared her experience of helping someone
come  unto the gospel. She said that because this experience made her
feel so good she now wants to serve a mission. Seeing the conversion
process is the most divine addiction. It is addicting to see people
accept the beautiful truths of the gospel. As we take part in this
process we have the desire to be a part of it more and more.
I love you all! Share the good news of Jesus Christ!

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