Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some weeks are harder than others!

I am just going to make this entry a gratitude entry because I've been
complaining so much lately.
I am so grateful for the gospel. I see the difference that it has made
and has been making in my life. I don't think that I will claim my
mission as the best 18 months of my life but they definitely are the
best 18 months for my life. Every month, every day is changing me
faster than anything I ever could have done at home. I am grateful for
the priesthood power and the fact that I can get a blessing at any
time. I am especially grateful for this during stressful weeks. I am
grateful for hard weeks. Throughout the scriptures and our lives their
is proof that we would not know the good is we never experience the
bad. President Andrus told me this week that "If missions were easy
Heavenly Father would be setting you up for an unfair reality". I am
grateful for wisdom and knowledge and experience. I am grateful for my
body. I am grateful for my family. 18 months seems so short compared
to eternity. I am grateful for my Savior and that I am able to use the
Atonement every day. I am grateful for baptism and the covenants we
make with Heavenly Father. I am grateful that every promise that I
make with Heavenly Father he provides me with so many blessings. I am
grateful for the car that I am driving and for the phone we have. I am
grateful for technology and though it can provide many distractions it
also provides so much convenience and assistance. I am grateful that I
can be a missionary and have this time to convert myself to the
greatest blessing in my life.

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