Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I got a greenie!

This week was great! I'm training a greenie! Her name is Sister James and she
is from Glendale, Arizona and she knows THE BERTHELSONS!!!!!!!! She is
so ready to do the work which is a much needed change because I've
always had companions that have been dying down. She is obedient to
most things I tell her and she studies Preach My Gospel which is a
blessing! I think this transfer will be so good and also a lot of

Conference....I feel like I can write forever about the revelation
that I received from it but obviously that wouldn't be the things that
everyone else got from conference. I really liked Elder Hales talk and
Elder Renlund's testimony. I feel like there is always something that
Heavenly Father knows that I need to hear from someone else. I am
making decisions that will help me when I get home but it's so hard. I
feel like everything in my mission has prepared me for life after my
mission....I know you're all thinking, "Sister Dodd, shut up, you
still have 2.5 months left". I KNOW! In a blessing I got it said that
I needed to figure out my post mission life and that I need to be
humble and accept help from others. Being humble is the test of my
life time. I feel like I recognize my constant need of my Savior's
help and my need for the Spirit and for Heavenly Father but
recognizing that they help me through others is hard. I don't like
feeling like an inconvenience to others and I just feel like I can do
everything by myself. Heavenly Father wants to help us but also
recognizes that as he sends others to help us they are blessed because
they are able to serve and we are blessed. In seeking service we must
also allow others to serve us.

I love you all, have a great week!!!

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